WEEKLY UPDATE 8 January 2021 – 每周疫情快讯 2021年1月8日

I: National lockdown

England has been placed into lockdown again. A summary table is below.  Other key points: 

  • A free school meal system will be maintained for children from low income families
  • The Government has pledged to provide devices and equipment to support learning for pupils from low income families 
  • School exams have been cancelled for this year. The Education Secretary has confirmed that exams will be replaced with teacher assessments. 
  • It is now against the law to leave home unless you have a specified reason. You can be fined for breaching the law.  Fines start at £200. 
  • The new restrictions apply until the end of March, although they may be eased if the situation improves before then. 

II: Pandemic alert system 

The measures taken by the Government are driven by the alert system set out at the beginning of the pandemic last year.

III: Covid test centres

More Covid test centres have been opened across Birmingham.  For locations and opening times with link to book appointments


  • The test centre at the Utilita Arena (formerly NIA) in the city centre is still open. No booking is required. 
  • You must take proof of address or workplace as it is only for people who live or work in Birmingham.
  • You are asked not to take any bags as there is no seating and limited space. 
  • You need to register on the NHS website so you can receive the result on your smart phone. 
  • It is a lateral flow swab test that you conduct yourself. Results are given within 30 minutes. 

These pop-up test centres are for people without symptoms.   If you have Covid symptoms you must stay at home, self-isolate and book a test via the NHS website or by calling 119 https://www.gov.uk/get-coronavirus-test

The test is free but only available for people with symptoms. If you need a test to enable you to work, travel or other purposes, you must arrange a private test. 

The lateral flow test tells you if you are infectious on the day of the test. A negative result does not mean you can’t catch the virus in the future.  You must continue to observe Hands ● Face ● Space

IV: Support for businesses 

Grants for businesses are being channelled through local councils http://bit.ly/3ktx7JC

V: Clinically extremely vulnerable 

People who are clinically extremely vulnerable must not go out to work.  They should also avoid shopping if possible – there are many volunteer groups who can fetch shopping, prescriptions and other essentials http://bit.ly/2LsB59M

Everyone – including clinically extremely vulnerable – is allowed to go out for exercise. This should be:  

  • Once a day
  • In your local area
  • With your household, support bubble, or with one other person if you are alone

VI: Vaccine rollout 

The AstroZeneca ‘Oxford’ vaccine is being rolled out alongside the Pfizer vaccine.

The Government has set out the priority order

The Government has changed the gap between the first and second doses from 28 days to 12 weeks. This is to ensure as many people in the top 4 priority groups are vaccinated as quickly as possible because the new variant is highly transmissible and has led to a steep rise in cases.   An increase in cases is likely to be followed by an increase in hospitalisation and deaths.  

It is important to remember that the 2nd dose makes the vaccine more effective – you should ensure you receive both doses.  

You will be contacted by your GP when it is your turn to have the vaccine. 

VII.Arrivals to require negative test result

From early next week people arriving in England and Scotland, including UK nationals, will have to provide a negative Covid test before travelling http://bbc.in/35k03PE

The growth rate in Birmingham is currently 2

To check case and death rates in your ward http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


每周疫情快讯: 2021年1月8日


英格兰地区再次进入封锁状态, 限制措施请见下表。 其他重点信息包括:

  • 政府将继续为低收入家庭的孩子提供免费学校午餐
  • 政府已承诺提供设备,支持低收入家庭学生的网上教学。
  • 今年学校考试已被取消,教育部长已确认,考试成绩将由教师评估决定。
  • 除非您有特定原因,否则离家外出属是违法行为。 您会因触犯法律而被罚款,罚款起价为200英镑。
  • 新的限制措施将一直适用到3月底,但如果在此之前疫情情况有所改善,这些限制措施可能会放宽。






  • 市中心的Utilita体育馆(以前的国家室内体育馆)的检测中心仍然开放,无需提前预约。
  • 您需要提供地址证明或工作证明,以确认测试者是在伯明翰居住或工作的居民。
  • 由于检测中心不安排座椅并且空间有限,因此请勿带任何行李。
  • 检测过程中,您需要在NHS网站上注册,以便可以在智能手机上接收检测结果。
  • 快速横向流量检测(即无症状检测)需要测试者自行检测取样,检测结果将在30分钟内给出。




快速横向流量检测可以发现您在测试当天是否具有传染性。检测结果若为阴性并不意味着您将来不会感染新冠病毒。您必须继续做好个人防护,勤洗手 ● 戴口罩 ● 保持社交距离





临床高危人群不可以外出工作,此外还应当尽可能避免外出购物。 各地区有许多志愿者团体可以提供帮助,比如购物,领取处方药和其他必需品,详情请浏览http://bit.ly/2LsB59M

每个人 – 包括临床上高危人群 – 都可以外出锻炼,需遵循:

    • 每天可以外出锻炼一次
    • 在家附近
    • 您可以独自,或与您同住的人,或同一支持泡泡的成员,或与另一位不同住的人以一起户外锻炼





需要您牢记的是,第二剂疫苗的接种可以使免疫效果更好 –您应确保接种两剂疫苗。



从下周初开始,到达英国和苏格兰的旅客(包括英国国民)必须在出行前提供新冠病毒核酸检测阴性证明 http://bbc.in/35k03PE




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