Carer Support

CCC-B is a Delivery Partner of Birmingham Carers Hub, a free service offering a range of support to unpaid family Carers in Birmingham. You can access support if you only provide a couple of hours of care a week, and you don’t need to be in receipt of Carer benefits.

Who are Carers

A Carer is someone who provides care and support to a family member, friend or a neighbour who has physical, learning or mental difficulties or disabilities.

Many people support a friend or loved one who relies on them without realising their role has an official name: unpaid Carer. Recognising you are a Carer means you will be able to access support and services to help you in your life and caring role.

If you’re doing any of the following for someone in need of care and support, then you are a Carer: 

  • Personal Care – Support with dressing, washing, and toileting 
  • Domestic Care – Support with cooking, housework, and shopping 
  • Physical Care – Support with lifting, assisting, and helping when moving around
  • Financial Care – Support with any financial affairs
  • Health Care – Support with managing illness or a condition, or helping to administer medication
  • Emotional Care – Support by being a listening ear, offering moral support, or simply providing company for someone who is feeling isolated
  • Communication Care – Supporting or assisting with a listening or communication impairment, including translation, for example, when English is not the family’s first language 

Each caring role is unique and may encompass a range of tasks and responsibilities. The role of a Carer might include, but is not limited to, the above. 

A description from Birmingham Carers Hub

What does CCC-B do to support Carers 

Caring for someone often has an impact on the Carers’ own health and wellbeing. We aim to enable Carers to stay informed and actively access available support from all sectors, to stay socially connected, and maintain a good balance between their own life and their caring duties by providing the services below:

  • Registration and initial support needs assessment
  • Statutory Carers assessments and reviews, including a Wellbeing grant from Birmingham City Council for those with unmet needs
  • Carer’s Wellbeing Checks and KIT (Keep in Touch) phone calls
  • Signposting and referrals
  • Information, advice and advocacy support to enable Carers to navigate across services
  • Health workshops 
  • IT Workshops
  • Training courses 
  • Wellbeing, creative and social activities, groups and events
  • Online Carers groups through WeChat and WhatsApp

Please call or email Hayley to enquire or register with our Carer support service. Hayley is our Carer Support Worker, and provides one to one support, KIT phone call support, and IT workshops.

Alternatively you can fill in a short self-referral form and we will contact you shortly.

CCC-B’s Carer services are tailored for Adult Carer’s needs, but we welcome young Carers to come to us for help too, as we can signpost and refer you on to the right services. 

Access our services

Enquiries over the phone, Monday to Friday: 10am – 4pm
IAG Service:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays; pre-booking is required
Thursday Wellbeing Club: 1pm – 4pm, drop-in, free for registered Carers with CCC-B membership
Tuesday Social Club: Second Tuesday of each month; pre-booking required 
Other CCC-B Activities and Events:   Pre-booking required
Carer’s KIT (Keep In Touch) Phone Calls: a regular phone call to stay in touch with you, listen to any new support needs you may have, keep you informed of new services and activities, and refer you on to relevant services if needed. Please ring and speak to Hayley if you would like to receive our KIT phone calls. 

You are warmly invited to connect and communicate with us via WeChat and/or WhatsApp.

Team members:  

Carers Support Worker: Hayley Fung
Carer Assessment Assessor: Sheila Mo
Health & Social Care Manager: Amy Cui