Activities Ran On Demand


Chinese calligraphy has a long history as a form of expression. Our experienced tutor will teach you how to use the paper, grind the ink block, how to hold the brush, and will introduce you to the techniques of writing Chinese characters, short phrases, and poems.


Taught by highly experienced native Mandarin speaking teachers, our classes are a fun way to learn and practice speaking in a new language. You will also learn to read and write Chinese characters, and learn the beauty of how they are created. Classes are available for different ability levels.


Join us for these exciting new classes where you will gain an insight into the techniques required to make a variety of dim sum and other dishes. Learn Asian & Oriental culinary skills from our very experienced chefs and cooks.

Tai Chi

Learn the 24 forms of the ancient style of Chen Style Tai Chi with our Tai Chi master, including warm up exercises, meditation and Qigong (silk railing) as well. Each session includes a 1.5 hour lesson followed by an optional 30 minutes practice time and opportunity to ask the master any questions you may have.


Guided by a professional teacher, yoga exercises greatly helps our carers and members promote general health, learn to regulate breathing, and relieve body pain.