Chinese New Year Sticky Rice Cake 年糕

New Year Sticky Rice Cake Recipe – 年糕做法

Ingredients 食材:

  • Rice flour 粘米粉
  • Glutinous rice flour 糯米粉
  • Ginger (optional) 姜 (可选)
  • Brown or dark sugar (making the sticky rice cake darker in colour) 红糖或黑糖 (给年糕上色)
  • Water 水
  • Coconut milk (optional) 椰奶(可选)
  • Oil (small amount) 油 (少量)

Equipment 所需器具:

  • Large saucepan/cooking pan 大平底鍋
  • Foil tray or ceramic bowl 容器 (铝箔托盘,或陶瓷碗)
  • Steamer 蒸锅


Method 做法:


In the pan add the following 在锅里添加:

  • 280g Water  280克水
  • 230g brown sugar or dark sugar  230克红糖或黑糖
  • Slices of ginger 姜片

Bring to the boil until the sugar is dissolved. 



Remove ginger slices.

Add coconut milk (optional) and whisk, until blended together with the sugary water.  



In the bowl add the following:  再拿出一个碗,在碗里添加:

  • 300g glutinous rice flour 糯米粉300克
  • 50g rice flour 粘米粉50克



Add the sugary water and coconut milk from the pan; pour this hot liquid mixture into the bowl bit by bit and stir.

Add 1 teaspoon of oil in the bowl. 

Mix until no lumps.



Oil the bottom and side of the container so that the sticky rice cake does not stick to the container when it is steamed. 


Pour the mixture straight into the container, don’t let it cool down as the mixture will set in the container.

搅拌好后, 将混合物尽快倒入容器中,以免在碗中凝结成形。


Place the container into the steamer and allow the sticky rice cake to steam for 30-45 min. Check with a knife that the sticky rice cake is sticky, if it is still sticky, leave it to steam longer.

把容器放入蒸锅里蒸30 到 45分钟。出锅前,可以用刀插入年糕看是否很沾粘,如果会沾粘在刀上,则需要蒸更长的时间。



Once the sticky rice cake is cooled, place in fridge. The next day it should be more firm. Slice the sticky rice cake in strips and pan fry. Then it’s ready to be served.


This year our calendar put dimsum into the spotlight : CCC-B members and volunteers came in to cook their favourite dimsum. We will be posting the recipes here on our website throughout the coming months. 



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