BHealthy Checklist – 检查清单

With our service users we have been going through BHealthy checklist to ensure our participants are up to date with the latest news. Also to ensure their physical health and well-being are well maintain. Set yourself a BHealthy action plan.

See below for the BHealthy checklist in English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

我们使用BHealthy清单来给我们服务的客户逐项做自我评估和检查,以确保他们掌握最新相关消息。 也确保他们保持良好的身心健康。 为自己制定一个BHealthy行动计划。

English – P1
English – P2
English – P3
English – P4
Simplified – p1
Simplified – p2
Simplified – p3
Simplified – p4
Traditional – p1
Traditional – p2
Traditional – p3
Traditional – p4

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