WEEKLY UPDATE 25 SEPTEMBER 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年9月25日

Covid-19 Weekly Update 


There has been an increase in Covid-19 cases with the rate of transmission (‘R’) moving above 1. It currently stands at 1.1-1.4.  On 21.9.2020, the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) moved the alert level to 4 , triggering more restrictions.  These are summarised below. 

With immediate effect 

  • Work from home if you can
    • The Government urges people to revert to working from home if possible 

From Wednesday 23rd September 

  • Face coverings 
    • Passengers in taxis and private hire cars must wear face coverings 
    • Taxi drivers and public transport staff are advised to wear face coverings 

From Thur 24th September

  • Unregistered childcare provision 
    • To enable parents to go to work, children under 14 can be looked after by people from other households for example family and friends
    • Play dates and parties are not permitted
  • Pubs/Bars/Restaurants/Takeaways
    • Must close between 10pm-5am
    • May only offer table service
    • Takeaways may deliver food after 10pm 
  • Support groups
    • Limited to 15 participants 
  • Indoor Sports 
    • Adult sports limited to 6 participants
  • Making businesses Covid-secure
    • All businesses must conduct risk assessments and make their premises ‘Covid-secure’ – provide handwashing or sanitising facilities, ensure adequate ventilation, ensure social distancing measures in place
    • Employers must not knowingly require or encourage someone who is being required to self-isolate to come to work.
  • Venues in hospitality, tourism, leisure, close contact services and local authority facilities required to take contact details of customers/visitors

These venues must: 

    • ask at least one member of every party of customers or visitors (up to 6 people) to provide their name and contact details
    • keep a record of all staff working on their premises and shift times on a given day and their contact details
    • keep these records of customers, visitors and staff for 21 days and provide data to NHS Test and Trace if requested
    • display an official NHS QR code poster so that customers and visitors can ‘check in’ using this option as an alternative to providing their contact details

QR code generator > https://www.gov.uk/create-coronavirus-qr-poster

Test & Trace app > https://covid19.nhs.uk/index.html

    • adhere to General Data Protection Regulations
    • Hospitality venues must bar entry to anyone who refuses to scan the venue QR code (NHS or alternative) or who refuses to provide their contact details 
    • Any venue failing to comply with these requirements may be issued with a fixed penalty fine starting at £1K. Fines will increase to £2k, £3k, then every subsequent fine will be £4k. 

Note: Police officers, emergency responders, delivery personnel, people under 16 and people lacking mental capacity are not required to provide contact details for NHS Test & Trace purposes. Venues are not permitted to ask for proof of age unless they judge a person to be giving a false age.  A venue may require people to sign in for other purposes eg health & safety

Read about the app: 



  • Face coverings 
    • Retail and hospitality staff must wear face coverings 

From Monday 28th September 

  • Fines increase
    • The starting fine for refusing to wear face covers in designated spaces and for breaching the ‘Rule of 6’ increases to £200, doubling on each subsequent offence up to a maximum of £6,400
  • Weddings & other ceremonial occasions
    • No more than 15 people are permitted to attend a wedding ceremony 
    • The number of people who can attend a funeral remains at 30
    • No more than 6 people can attend any other kind of event to mark ‘stand alone life events’ – ie  the ‘Rule of 6’ applies

Remember – if you live in Birmingham, Sandwell or Solihull, you are not allowed to enter other people’s private residences including gardens. If a ceremony is being held at home, only the household living in that property (plus anyone who has formed a support bubble with them) can attend.

  • New Fines for failing to self-isolate 
    • If you test positive for Covid-19 you must self-isolate 
    • You must also self-isolate if instructed to do so by the NHS Test & Trace service
    • If you refuse to self-isolate after taking a positive test you may be fined. Fines start at £1K, and can go up to £10k for repeat offenders

Note – you cannot be fined if you do not self-isolate after getting an alert from the app as it is an anonymous system

Guidance on Test & Trace and Self-Isolation

In Simplified Chinese

In Traditional Chinese


If you received a letter from your GP or the NHS advising you to shield, you should continue to do so. If you live by yourself, you may form a support bubble with another household so that family or friends can provide care and support. 

  • Covid-19 Community Champions

Birmingham City Council has launched a network of ‘Covid-19 Community Champions’ – individuals who are willing to disseminate information and key messages to the community


Forthcoming changes to protect jobs and business as furlough scheme ends

  • On 24.9.2020, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a package of measures to protect jobs and businesses 
    • Wage subsidy to protect viable jobs, commencing November when furlough scheme ends
    • Extended periods and flexible options for repaying loans, VAT and tax

More details will be given in the next Update


2020 年9月25日



  • 如果可以,尽量在家远程工作
    • 政府呼吁民众尽可能恢复在家工作。


  • 面罩/口罩 
    • 乘坐出租车和私用租车的乘客必须戴面罩/口罩
    • 建议出租车司机和公共交通工作人员戴口罩


  • 未注册的托儿服务 
    • 为了使父母能够上班,其他家庭的人,例如家人和朋友可以来照顾14岁以下的孩童
    • 不允许组织活动日或各类聚会
  • 酒吧/酒馆/餐厅/外卖店
    • 必须在晚上10点之前关闭 
    • 仅提供餐桌下单服务
    • 外卖店可以在晚上10点以后继续送餐
  • 提供帮助或支持的团体
    • 仅限最多15名参与者
  • 室内体育运动
    • 成人运动仅限最多6人参加
  • 使商业场所  有安全保障
    • 所有商业场所都必须进行风险评估,并将其场所设置为“新冠安全场所” – 提供洗手或消毒设施,确保充足的通风,确保有适当的社交疏离措施
    • 雇主不得故意要求或鼓励需要自我隔离的员工上班
  • 服务行业、旅游业、休闲娱乐行业、近距离接待客户和地方政府部门的场所都需要记录所有访客或顾客的联系方式


    • 团体访客或顾客(最多6人),需至少有一名成员提供其姓名和联系方式
    • 记录并保存所有工作人员的具体工作场所和换班时间,以及他们的联系方式

    • 记录的顾客、访客、工作人员信息需要保存21天。并根据需要将数据提供给NHS测试与追踪的部门。
    • 另一种让顾客或访客提供联络信息的方式是展示NHS官方QR二维码海报,以便顾客和访客可以使用手机“签到”

QR二维码生成器 https://www.gov.uk/create-coronavirus-qr-poster

测试与追踪手机软件 https://covid19.nhs.uk/index.html

    • 须遵守GDPR通用数据保护法
    • 服务业场所必须禁止任何拒绝扫码QR(NHS二维码或其他二维码)或拒绝提供联系方式的人进入
    • 任何场馆如果不遵守以上相关规定,将被处以1000英镑的罚款,仍不执行者罚款将增至2000英镑,至3000英镑,随后的每笔罚款将增至4000英镑。

注意:警察、应急响应人员,派送人员,16岁以下的人和缺乏智力的人不需要向NHS测试和追踪部门提供联系方式。顾客进入各类场馆不需要提供年龄证明, 除非场馆工作人员判断某人提供了虚假年龄信息。各类场馆可能会因其他目的(例如健康与安全),要求进出人员登记。




  • 面罩/口罩 
    • 零售业和服务业员工必须佩戴口罩


  • 罚款增加
    • 拒绝在指定区域内佩戴口罩,以及违反“ 6人制聚集规定”的人将被罚款,起始罚款提高至200英镑,其后每次违法行为加倍,最高至6400英镑
  • 婚礼及其他庆典活动
    • 婚礼仪式最多允许15人参加 
    • 参加葬礼的人数限制仍为30人
    • 任何其他类型的团体活动(“日常活动”)最多可以允许6人参加,即适用“ 6人制聚集规定”。

请注意 – 如果您居住在伯明翰Birmingham,Sandwell,Solihull地区,则不得进入他人的私人住宅,包括花园。如果在家里举行仪式,则只有居住在该住宅的家庭,以及与该家庭形成社交支持泡泡的人可以参加。

  • 不遵守自我隔离的罚款新规
    • 如果您新冠病毒测试呈阳性,则必须自我隔离
    • 如果NHS测试与追踪服务部门联系您,要求您进行自我隔离,您必须遵行
    • 如果您新冠病毒测试呈阳性,拒绝自我隔离,您可能会被罚款。罚款起价为1000英镑,屡犯者的罚款最高可达10000英镑



简体中文 阅读全文

繁体中文 阅读全文


如果您收到家庭医生或NHS的来信建议您居家屏蔽,您应当立即执行。 如果您自己独居,则可以与另一个家庭形成支持社交泡泡,以便家人或朋友可以给您提供照料和支持。 

  • 新冠社区倡导者

伯明翰市政府启动了“ 新冠社区倡导者”网络社群 – 愿意向社区分享疫情和政府重要信息的个人,欢迎参加



  • 2020年9月24日,财政大臣Rishi Sunak宣布了一揽子有关工资补贴的方案,以保护就业和商业
    • 新的工资补贴政策将从11月开始,提供给符合条件的工作岗位
    • 为企业贷款延长期限和更多选择偿还贷款、增值税和税款



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