Covid-19 Monthly Update June – 每月疫情更新2021年6月

I: Roadmap 

The Government has pushed the roadmap date back by four weeks until 19 July over Delta variant fears. 

It means we are still in step 3 and most remaining curbs on social contact will remain in force until 19th July. 

Weddings and receptions can go ahead without a guest number cap; but venues may set limits based on social distancing requirements. Rules on singing and dancing will remain.

II. ‘Delta Variant’  DATA

The Delta variant, first identified in India, and now accounts for 90% of Covid cases in the UK. A total of 75,953 cases of Delta were sequenced in the UK up to 16 June. It is 2 times more transmissible, with twice the rate of hospitalisation. 

Birmingham listed as enhanced response area

  1. The number of cases and hospital admissions in Birmingham continues to rise.  The Public Health team has stated that people should only leave or enter the city for work if they cannot work from home and for emergency reasons
  2. Birmingham has received ‘enhanced support’ from the Government to help it deal with the increased cases and hospitalisations. Restrictions will be eased when case rates drop below 100/100,000, and at least 80% of the eligible population have been vaccinated. 
  3. The Government has also issued new advice on travel and socialising, including minimising travel into and out of the area and not taking unnecessary journeys.

So please remember to:

  • Take extra care and meet people outside, rather than inside, wherever possible
  • Follow all the rules around social distancing, face coverings, washing hands, wiping surfaces and keeping windows open.
  • Get your vaccination when it is offered to you.
  • Take free twice-weekly lateral flow (LFD) tests even if you have been vaccinated. If positive, book a PCR test immediately to confirm the result.

III. Vaccinations  

Of 806 people infected with the Delta variant who ended up hospital in England between 1 February and 14 June 2021:

  • 527 (65%) people were unvaccinated
  • 135 (17%) were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine
  • 84 (10%) were more than 14 days after their second dose

As of 14 June, there have been 73 deaths in England of people who were confirmed as having the Delta variant and who died within 28 days of a positive test, and of these:

  • 34 (47%) were unvaccinated 
  • 10 (14%) were more than 21 days after their first dose of vaccine
  • 26 (36%) were more than 14 days after their second dose 

In Birmingham 61,000 people who are over 50 years old are yet to take up the offer of the first dose of the vaccine. Although there is concern over Delta variant, vaccines still appear to be working well, even with Delta in circulation.

Vaccination van – you asked for it, we sorted it! 

The Birmingham and Solihull area has seen the introduction of mobile vaccination vans which are providing access to the vaccination within local communities, especially for those who may find it difficult to access it via more traditional routes. 

In early June, we worked with Birmingham & Solihull NHS COVID Vaccination Team and Birmingham Public Health Team to bring the NHS mobile vaccination unit to the Chinese community.  This was a result of a conversation between BCC Public Health Consultant Modupe Omonijo and CCC-B Members at our May Wellbeing Forum.  The unit was at Wing Yip Superstore and Bath Passage Chinatown for 2 days each.  It was a particular benefit to people who aren’t registered with the NHS.  People were so keen to get their jab, they queued from daybreak.  We would like to thank the 15 volunteers who gave 124.5 hours providing language support to the NHS staff over the 4 days.  Thanks also to Wing Yip and Southside BID for their invaluable support. 

We have received enquiries about getting the unit back for 2nd jabs for people who have had problems with online booking. We are investigating whether this is possible and will keep the community informed. 

All adult over 18 vaccinations   

NHS invites all adults to get a COVID jab. Everyone aged 18 and over is being urged to arrange a jab if they have not had one. The vanccination can be booked online:

IV. Test and Trace support payment

The Test and Trace Support payment is for people on a low income, who must legally self-isolate, as well as parents and guardians who must stay home to look after a child or young person who must legally self-isolate, and who cannot work from home during this period.

Eligibility for payments 

Eligibility for a £500 Test and Trace Support Payment is restricted to people who meet all of the following criteria:

  • have been told to stay at home and self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace, either because they have tested positive for coronavirus or have recently been in close contact with someone who has tested positive.
  • are employed or self-employed;
  • are unable to work from home and will lose income as a result; and
  • are currently receiving Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, income-based Employment and Support Allowance, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Housing Benefit and or Pension Credit.

People who are not currently receiving any of the above benefits, are on low incomes and will face financial hardship as a result of not being able to work while they are self-isolating, can apply for a £500 discretionary payment. Eligibility and application details can be found at on the BCC website

V. Foreign travel 

The Government has updated the green, amber and red list countries on 24th June. The Government intends to drop quarantine for fully vaccinated people returning from amber list countries “later in the summer”.

Check before you travel at

VI: Birmingham City Council – Covid Impact Survey

The Council wants to find out what impact Covid has had on Birmingham citizens.

Closing date for the survey 30.6.2021. 




由于“Delta 新冠变种”(印度新冠变种)在英国的迅速传播,原定的解封日期将推迟四周,至7月19日。


II. “Delta德尔塔新冠变种病毒”疫情数据

在印度首先发现的 Delta 新冠变种病毒,现已占英国新冠确诊病例的90%。截至 6 月 16 日,英国已测得75,953例 Delta 变种的确诊病例。Delta 新冠变种的传播率是 Kent 新冠变种的两倍。被 Delta 新冠变种感染的患者需要住院治疗的机率也增加了两倍。


  • 伯明翰病例数和住院人数持续上升。公共卫生部门建议民众尽量减少出行,只有无法在家工作和出于紧急原因才能离开或进入伯明翰地区
  • 伯明翰得到了中央政府的“特别支持”,以帮助其应对不断增加的病例和住院人数。当病例率降至 每10万人中有100位以下的确诊人数时,并且至少 80% 的符合条件的市民已接种新冠疫苗时,限制措施才会放宽。
  • 政府还发布了关于旅行和社交隔离的新建议,包括尽量减少进出伯明翰地区的旅行,不要进行不必要的出行


• 在与人会面时要格外小心,尽可能在室外,而不是在室内。

• 请严格遵守有关社交距离,戴口罩/面罩,洗手,擦拭表面和保持窗户打开通风的所有规定。

• 请及时接种新冠疫苗。

• 即使您已经接种了新冠疫苗,也建议您每周进行两次新冠快速检测。如果快速检测呈阳性,请立即预约 PCR核酸检测以确认结果。

III. 新冠疫苗及接种

在 2021 年 2 月 1 日至 6 月 14 日期间在英格兰地区 806 名被感染Delta 变种病毒的患者中:

  • 527人 (占65%) 未接种新冠疫苗
  • 135人(占17%) 已接种第一剂新冠疫苗,并超过 21 天
  • 84人(占10%) 已接种两剂新冠疫苗,并超过 14 天

截至 6 月 14 日,英格兰有 73 人因确诊感染 Delta 变种病毒后 28 天内死亡,其中包括:

  • 34人(占47%) 未接种新冠疫苗
  • 10人(占14%)已接种第一剂新冠疫苗,并超过 21 天
  • 26人(占36%)已接种两剂新冠疫苗,并超过 14 天

在伯明翰,有 61,000 名 50 岁以上的人尚未接受第一剂疫苗的接种。

尽管民众对 Delta 变种病毒的传播有担忧,但新冠疫苗仍然对其有效,对发病和重症有良好的保护作用。

新冠疫苗移动接种车 – 民众诉求开设移动接种站,政府及时实施!

伯明翰和 Solihull 地区已经引入了移动疫苗接种车,为不同社区的民众提供疫苗接种服务,特别是对于那些难以通过传统的途径获得疫苗的人士。

6 月初,我们与 伯明翰 & Solihull NHS 新冠疫苗接种团队,伯明翰公共卫生部一起合作,安排移动疫苗接种车来到华人社区。这得益于伯明翰市政府公共卫生顾问 Modupe Omonijo 和中心成員在5月健康论坛对话后的成果。移动疫苗接种车分别在 Wing Yip 超市和 Bath Passage中国城分别停留了 2 天。对未在 NHS 注册的人士,移动疫苗接种车的设立给了他们很大帮助。民众对新冠疫苗接种非常踊跃,很多人一早就来指定地点开始排队。我们非常感谢 15 位志愿者,他们在 4 天的志愿服务当中,为 NHS 工作人员提供了 124.5 小时的语言支持。同时,我们也非常感谢 Wing Yip 超市和 Southside BID 南苑商区的宝贵支持。

所有 18 岁以上的成年人可以接种新冠疫苗

NHS 邀请所有成年人接种新冠疫苗。敦促 18 岁及以上,还没有接种新冠疫苗的人士,请尽快接种疫苗。新冠疫苗接种可以在线预约:

IV. 测试和追踪一次性补助金

测试和追踪一次性补助适用于依据规定需要自我隔离的低收入人士,或自 2021 年 3 月 8 日起必须留在家中照顾依据规定需要自我隔离的儿童或青少年的父母或监护人,以及在此期间不能在家办公的工作人士。


一次性补助金500 英镑仅限于满足以下所有条件的人士:

• 被 NHS 测试与追踪部门告知必须留在家中自我隔离的人士。自我隔离的人士可能因新冠检测呈阳性,或与确诊新冠患者有过密切接触。

• 受雇或自雇;

• 无法在家工作并因此会失去收入;

• 目前正在领取政府福利,包括单一津贴,工作税收抵免,就业和支持津贴,求职者津贴,收入津贴,住房福利津贴和/或养老金津贴。

未获得以上福利,属于低收入,且由于在自我隔离期间无法工作而面临经济困难的人士,可以申请 500 英镑的酌情补助金。详情申请资格浏览伯明翰市政府网站。


政府已于 6 月 24 日更新了绿色,橙色和红色旅行国家的名单。对已经接种全部两剂新冠疫苗的人士,政府打算在今年夏天晚些时候取消对从橙色名单国家返回英国后的隔离规定。


VII:伯明翰市政府– 新冠疫情问卷调查





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