I. Current situation

On 19 July The Government has lifted the remaining Covid restrictions, social distancing, events and gatherings and travel in England. 

Birmingham is one of the areas with high numbers of Indian/Delta variant cases

There are 12 areas of England where the Delta variant is spreading quickly. Birmingham is on the list. The government says if you live in one of these areas you should read local Covid-19 information and advice.

The Government remind residents to follow hands, face and space rules:

  • washing hands regularly with soap and water for 20 seconds, and use sanitiser
  • wear a face covering in busy places
  • meet friends and family outside
  • keep 2m (6ft) apart from people you don’t live with

II. Difference between NHS Covid-19 app and NHS app 

The NHS COVID-19 app is the only official contact tracing app in England and Wales. Contact tracing apps support wider testing and tracing programmes, making it easy to warn people they have been in contact with someone who has since tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). 

NHS app is a separate app for England that helps people find a range of NHS services for all sorts of conditions, not just COVID-19

III. When to take LFD and PCR test 

IV. NHS apps and self-isolation: rules are changing

  • Current Situation
  1. General public 
  • If you are ‘pinged’ by the NHS Covid-19 app, you are advised to self-isolate
  • If you receive a notification from NHS Test & Trace, you are required by law to self-isolate regardless of your vaccination status or any test result.  If you fail to isolate, you can be fined an amount £1K – 10K. 
  • A worker is also legally required to notify their employer if they are notified they are a close contact of somebody who has test positive. There is a £50 fine for failure to notify.  
  • If you apply for a self-isolation payment, you are required to isolate even if you were alerted by the NHS Covid-19 app not Test & Trace. 
    1. Exempt sectors 

Workers in certain designated roles in critical sectors may be able to continue working if they are fully vaccinated AND they take a PCR test which is negative AND they take daily LFD tests. 

  • Frontline health and social care 
  • Energy
  • Civil nuclear
  • Digital infrastructure
  • Food production and supply
  • Waste
  • Water
  • Veterinary medicines
  • Essential chemicals
  • Essential transport
  • Medicines and medical devices
  • Clinical consumable supplies
  • Emergency services
  • Border control
  • Essential defence outputs
  • Local government

These workers may only leave home to go to work.  When not at work, they must return home. 

  • You must isolate while you wait for your PCR test result
  • Full vaccination is 14 days after your second jab



  • From 16th August 

If you receive a notification from Test & Trace, you will not be required to isolate if: you are fully vaccinated AND you take a PCR test which is negative.  

  • You must isolate while you wait for your PCR test result
  • Full vaccination is 14 days after your second jab

This applies to everybody. 

This is a summary of the rules. If you work in a critical sector and think you should be on the exempt list, you should ask your employer for more information.  


每月疫情更新: 20217

I. 最新疫情信息 

7 月 19 日,政府取消了英格兰地区新冠疫情有关社交距离、聚会活动和旅行的限制。


英格兰有 12 个地区被列为德尔塔变种迅速传播的区域,伯明翰为其中之一。如果您居住在这些地区,政府建议民众应当参考当地的疫情信息和建议。


  • 经常用肥皂和水洗手 20 秒,或使用消毒液
  • 在人群密集的地方佩戴口罩
  • 在室外与朋友和家人聚会
  • 与不同住的人保持 2米(6 英尺)的社交距离

II. NHS Covid-19 (新冠)应用程序NHS 应用程序之间的区别


NHS COVID-19 (新冠)应用程序是英格兰和威尔士唯一官方指定使用,用于新冠检测与追踪的手机应用程序。此应用程序支持全方位新冠病毒的检测和追踪,可以告知使用者他们是否曾接触过的新冠状检测呈阳性的人士。

NHS 应用程序只在英格兰地区使用,帮助民众查询NHS提供的一系列不同的服务,而不只是有关新冠疫情的信息。

III. 何时进行 LFD 快速检测和PCR核酸检测

IV NHS 新冠应用程序和自我隔离:最新的规定

  • 现在的情形
  1. 一般公众
  • 如果您在NHS 新冠应用程序被“标记”,建议您进行自我隔离
  • 如果您收到 NHS检测与追踪部门的通知,无论您的是否已经接种疫苗或检测结果如何,法律都要求您进行自我隔离。 如果您未自我隔离,您可能会被罚款 1,000 至 10,000 英镑。
  • 如果员工被告知是新冠检测呈阳性的人的密切接触者,法律要求员工必须通知雇主。 未通知雇主的员工将被罚款 50 英镑。
    • 如果您申请了自我隔离补助金,即使 NHS 新冠手机应用程序(而非检测和追踪部门)提醒您,您也必须进行自我隔离。
    1. 豁免自我隔离的行业

在某些关键行业的特定工作人士,如果已完全接种两剂量新冠疫苗,并且PCR核酸检测呈阴性,并且每天都在进行 LFD快速检测,这一类人士可以继续工作。

  • 一线的医护工作人士和一线的社工
  • 能源供应行业
  • 民用核能行业 
  • 网络基础设施行业
  • 食品生产和供应行业
  • 废物处理行业
  • 供水
  • 兽药
  • 基本化学品供应
  • 基本交通服务行业
  • 药品和医疗器械行业
  • 临床耗材
  • 紧急服务
  • 边境管制
  • 重要军工防御行业
  • 地方政府

以上行业的特定工作人士在离家外出时,只能去上班。 在非工作时间,他们必须回家。

• 在等待 PCR 核酸检测结果的时段,您必须居家隔离 

• 注射第二剂新冠疫苗后14 天后,才被称为完全接种疫苗



  • 8 16 日起

如果您收到检测与追踪的通知,在以下情况下您不需要自我隔离:您已接种完全接种疫苗,并且您的 PCR核酸检测结果为阴性。

• 在等待 PCR 核酸检测结果的时段,您必须居家隔离

• 注射第二剂新冠疫苗后14 天后,才被称为完全接种疫苗


以上是最新的规则。 如果您在关键行业工作,并认为您符合豁免资格,您应该向您的雇主询问更多信息。


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