The Prime Minister has set out Government plans to lift the remaining Covid restrictions in England on 19 July

Social distancing / face coverings

  • no limits on social contact
  • 1m-plus rule removed (except in some settings, such as ports of entry and medical settings)
  • no legal requirements for face coverings (although their use will still be advised in hospitals, healthcare settings and enclosed, crowded public spaces)

Events / hospitality/ businesses

  • nightclubs permitted to reopen
  • capacity caps on businesses will be lifted
  • hospitality businesses will no longer be required to provide table service only
  • no limits on numbers at weddings and funerals
  • no restrictions on communal worship and singing
  • no limits on people attending concerts, theatres or sports events
  • no legal requirements for Covid certificates for any venue or event


  • The guidance recommending against travel to amber countries will be removed
  • Adults who have been fully vaccinated in the UK will no longer have to quarantine for 10 days on their return from amber list countries
  • Under-18s travelling with fully-vaccinated adults won’t need to quarantine


  • Most Covid restrictions in schools including bubbles will come to an end on 16 August in England.
  • From 16 August, under-18s will only have to self-isolate if they test positive for Covid
  • A pupil who has been in close contact with someone with Covid will be advised to take a PCR test instead



首相已制定政府计划,于 7 月 19 日取消英格兰剩余的新冠疫情限制


• 无社交聚集的限制
• 取消1米以上的社交距离的规则(某些场所除外,例如入境口岸和医疗场所)
• 戴口罩不再是法律强制要求(仍建议在医院、医疗场所和封闭、拥挤的公共场所佩戴口罩或面罩)

举办活动 / 酒店餐饮业/ 商业

• 夜总会获准重新开放
• 对商业活动的人数上限将被取消
• 餐饮业点餐限制(如仅提供餐桌服务)将取消 
• 婚礼和葬礼的人数不再限制
• 对参加公共敬拜和合唱的限制将被取消 
• 参加音乐会、剧院或体育赛事的人数将不再限制
• 进出任何场所或活动是否需要提供新冠疫苗证明,没有法律要求


  • 不要前往橙色旅行国家名单的指南将被删除
  • 在英国已完全接种疫苗的成年人,从橙色旅行名单的国家返英后将不再需要隔离 10 天
  • 与完全接种疫苗的成年人同行的 18 岁以下儿童无需隔离


  • 英格兰学校的大多数 疫情限制措施(包括社交泡泡)将于 8 月 16 日取消。
  • 从 8 月 16 日起,18 岁以下的青少年只有在新冠病毒检测呈阳性的情况下才需要进行自我隔离
  • 与新冠患者有过密切接触的学生建议进行核酸检测


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