Wellbeing Forum July 2022 – 每月健康論壇

Join us at our July monthly Wellbeing Forum on Tuesday 26th July. The topic is Sepsis. It’s summer so people spend more time outdoors. Outdoor activity is good for our health, but can also bring different risks – we’re more likely to have accidents that may lead to injury when sepsis can occur. Sepsis – commonly known as blood poisoning – is also a leading cause of deaths in hospital patients.
John McCarthy of the Sepsis Trust returns to remind us about the causes of sepsis, how we can identify it, and what we can do about it. John personally experienced sepsis, so is well-placed to talk to us about this potential killer and the effect it had on him.
The session would be held at our Chinese Community Centre – Birmingham and or online Zoom, for those who can not attend.
Call our centre on opening hours if you wish to join on 0121 685 8510. Thank you!

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