Wellbeing Forum December – 健康論壇

Next month’s Wellbeing forum will be on Wednesday 8th December. December’s topic will be focusing on men’s health. Raising awareness on prostate cancer and any other health issue. Understanding of causes, symptoms and treatments etc
Call Chloe Yip 0121 685 8510 to book. Cantonese and Mandarin interpreters available. Please tell Chloe asap if you need a Mandarin interpreter.
講者:吳有亮醫生 (Dr Matthew Nye) Halcyon Medical執業
日期:12 月 8 日(星期三),中午 12 ─ 1 點
快來了解如何省時兼更好地利用健康服務。請致電葉葉姑娘 (Chloe Yip) 0121 685 8510 報名。有粵語和普通話傳譯服務提供。倘您需要普通話傳譯,請盡快與葉小組聯絡。

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