WEEKLY UPDATE 7 AUGUST 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年8月7日

Welcome! This week we are continuing our reporting of Covid-19 related latest news and stories. 


It is the school summer holiday, there is a concern around children’s mental health and wellbeing. We’re sharing some resources & links to help parents and families.


We are also sharing some useful information taken from last night’s CCC-B Online Group Zoom session with Dr. Justin Varney, Director of Public Health for Birmingham City Council.

Covid-19 statistics update:

  • Of the deaths registered in Week 30, 217 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 18 weeks, accounting for 2.4% of all deaths in England and Wales.
  • As of 9am on 6 August, there have been 17,515,234 tests (either processed or sent out) in the UK. Of these, 12,748,043 tests were processed in total.
    308,134 people have tested positive for coronavirus
  • As of Thursday 6 August 2020 at 4:21pm, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 46,413 have died across all settings.
  • 5378 total cases in Birmingham, approximately 471 per 100,000 people. (data from gov.uk, updated Aug 6th)
  • 2417 total deaths in hospitals in the West Midlands, as of 5 Aug.

Covid-19 Alert Levels in England:


News and stories from last week:

  • The government is adding museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship to the list of places where face coverings should be worn in England.
    It is currently a recommendation, but will become law on 8 August.
    Read our Face Covering Rules ‘one stop’ poster
  • Travellers from Belgium, Andorra, and the Bahamas must quarantine for 14 days when arriving in the UK, the changes start from Saturday.
    But travellers from Brunei and Malaysia arriving in England and Wales will no longer need to self-isolate.
  • A second attempt at a Covid-19 contact-tracing app for England will soon be tested by members of the public. The app will let people scan barcode-like QR codes to log venue visits.

Resources & links to help parents and families:

For concerned parents regarding schools reopening, please read:

There is a concern around children’s mental health & wellbeing. Here are a few resources and links:

Learning resources / links to extra-curricular activities:

Some information taken from Zoom Group session on 6 Aug
Advice from Dr. Justin Varney, Director of Public Health for Birmingham City Council

  • Groups eligible for the free flu vaccination programme:
    • people aged 50 and over
    • pregnant women 
    • Children, and adults with with some pre-existing conditions

If you’re eligible, you will receive an invitation letter from your GP

  • Find out the number of confirmed cases in your area
  • Local Covid Outbreak Engagement Board in Birmingham – publish monthly updates
  • West Midlands Network (WMN) Guidance – Face Coverings when travelling
  • WMN Exemption Card – West Midlands Network Exemption card
  • WMN Exemption Badge – Apply for an West Midlands Network Exemption Badge
  • There is also a national exemption badge scheme:
    Exemption from face covering badge – Apply on Gov.uk
  • If you have coronavirus symptoms, you’re advised to get a test from the NHS which is free.
  • Dr. Justin Varney does not recommend buying a test kit online unless you’re planning to travel, which is not covered by NHS free tests. You will have to privately pay for your test.
  • Buy items from reputable stores – rather than from somewhere you don’t know.
  • If you have health issues other than Covid-19 related, you should still seek GP medical advice, but do be aware currently there are reduced non-Coronavirus face to face GP appointments, and you might not be able to be seen by your usual GP.
  • Hand sanitizer must contain minimum 60% alcohol to be effective
  • Washing hands with soap and water is just effective.
  • Skin care – alternating cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer and soap & water to take care of your skin.
  • When you’re safe at home, you can use hand cream.

Dr Varney told participants that the spikes in Birmingham were mainly due to several households in the same family meeting up. Although lockdown has been eased and several households can meet indoors, you should still maintain social distancing between households.  If this is not possible, you should only meet outdoors. We would add that care should be over physical contact between children and elderly or clinically vulnerable people. Although children do not seem to suffer even if they catch Covid-19, not much is known yet about children transmitting the virus to others.





伯明翰华人社区中心与伯明翰市议会公共卫生主管贾斯汀·瓦尼博士 (Dr. Justin Varney) 昨晚在网上小组分享了一些有用信息。我们在这再次分享, 提取一些有益的建议。


  • 在第30周登记的死亡人数中,涉及新冠病217例,这是过去18周内涉及新冠病的死亡人数最底的一周,占英格兰和威尔士所有死亡人数2.4%
  • 截至8月6日上午9点,英国共有 17,515,234例新冠病毒测试(已处理或已发出)。其中,总共处理了12,748,043例测试。累计确诊案308,134 例。
  • 截至8月6日下午4:21点,医院内外全部累计死亡46,413例。
  • 伯明翰累计确诊案5378例,每10万人约471例 (数据于2020年8月6日更新)。
  • 截至8月5日,西米德兰兹郡医院总死亡人数为2417例。




  • 英政府把博物馆、美术馆、电影院和教堂列入英格兰必须戴面罩的地方名单。



  • 从周六开始,旅客来自比利时 (Belgium)、安道尔 (Andorra)和巴哈马 (Bahamas)抵达英国时必须自我隔离14天。

但从文莱 (Brunei)和马来西亚(Malaysia)抵达英格兰和威尔士的旅客将不再需要自我隔离。

  • 新冠病联系追踪应用程序 (Covid-19 contact-tracing app) 将很快将面世, 被公众测试。这个应用程序可以让人们像二维码一样扫描, 来记录已经的地方。



家长们, 关于学校重开,请阅读:

计划还没有完全确定,所以如有任何更新, 我们会在此通知您


长辈担心儿童的心理和身理的健康。以下是一些资源和网页, 希望能帮助:


学习资源 / 课外活动网页:


以下为从8月6日网上讨论会议组 (Zoom Group) 上获取的一些信息

伯明翰市议会公共卫生主任贾斯汀·瓦尼博士 (Dr. Justin Varney) 对控制新冠病的建议


  • 有资格接受免费流感疫苗接种计划的人士:
    • 50岁及以上
    • 孕妇
    • 儿童和有一些长期病患的成年人


  • 查询自己邮编区的感染数字
  • 伯明翰的疫情爆发防控工作委员(Local Covid Outbreak Engagement Board)会网站,每月发布最新消息
  • 西米德兰网络(West Midlands Network, WMN) – 公共交通指南
  • 西米德兰网络 – 口罩豁免卡
  • 申请西米德兰网络 – 豁免章
  • 此外, 也可申请全国有效的口罩免戴许可牌:于政府官方网站请申

  • 如果你有新冠病毒症状,应去做英国民保健服务局 (NHS)免费提供的一个测试
  • 公共卫生主任贾斯汀·瓦尼博士 (Dr. Justin Varney) 不建议在网上购买测试件。除非你计划旅行,这就不包括在英国民保健服务局 (NHS) 免费测试中。你必须私下支付测试费用。
  • 从信誉好的商店购买,不要在不明来源购物
  • 如果你有健康问题 (与新冠病无关的),你仍然应寻求家庭医生的建议,但目前面对面的医生预约减少了,也可以看不到平日你常见的家庭医生
  • 洗手液必须含至少60%的酒精才能有效
  • 用肥皂和水洗手是很有效的
  • 皮肤护理 – 用洗手液和肥皂水洗手交替, 来保护你的皮肤
  • 在家安全时,你可以用护手霜

瓦尼博士 (Dr. Varney) 告诉参与者,伯明翰的新冠病传播短期上升主要是因为同一个家族的几个家庭聚在一起。虽然封锁已经解除,家庭可以在室内见面,但你仍然应该保持家庭之间的社交距离。如果这不可能的话,你只应在户外见面。重点是,对儿童, 老年人或临床易感脆弱者之间的身体亲密接触应尽量谨慎。尽管儿童感染了新冠病似乎不受太多影响,但儿童传染新冠病给他人的几率, 专家知之甚少。

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