WEEKLY UPDATE 5 February 2021 – 每周疫情快讯 2021年2月5日

I: South African variant in South Birmingham

Two cases of the South African variant of the Covid-19 virus have been detected in South Birmingham -the two households are part of the same extended family.  It is believed the SA variant has a higher transmission rate but there is currently no evidence that it is more dangerous than the original version. 

Birmingham Director for Public Health Dr Justin Varney says: ‘Don’t panic, but don’t take risks’


II: Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine reduces transmission

Research results indicate that the Oxford vaccine may reduce transmission of Covid-19, as well as treating disease.  


The research has not been through peer review yet so official guidance remains to ‘treat everyone else as if they have the virus, and act as if you have it’. 

III: Don’t be scammed!

Fake Covid test result certificates are being sold on the internet and in-person. 

More countries – including the UK – are requiring travellers to show evidence of a negative test result within 72 hours of travelling.  Some require the PCR test.   The free NHS PCR test is only available to people showing symptoms – it is not available for travel purposes; therefore people going abroad must get a private test.  It may be tempting to buy a certificate rather than get a test, but you put yourself and everyone around you at risk by doing so. 



You should report any scams to Action Fraud – or give us the details and we will report for you 

IV: Case rates 

Check the case rates in your local area http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


每周疫情快讯: 202125


在伯明翰南部发现了2例南非新冠病毒变种,确诊的两个家庭属于亲属关系来自同一家庭。 据信南非变异病毒具有更高的传染率,目前尚无证据表明变异病毒比原始新冠病毒更具危险性。

伯明翰公共卫生总监贾斯汀·瓦尼(Justin Varney)博士说:“请不要惊慌,但也不要轻视”。


II: 牛津阿斯利康疫苗可防止新冠病毒传播






包括英国在内的更多国家和地区,要求旅客必须出示起飞前72小时内新冠病毒检测阴性证明。 有些国家和地区则要求旅客出示新冠核酸检测阴性证明。NHS免费核酸检测仅适用于出现新冠症状的人士 – 不适用于旅行目的人士。旅行人士必须使用私立付费检测。 购买伪造的新冠检测证书,不用去做检测听起来很诱人,但是这样做会将您自己和周围的其他人处于危险之中。



如遇到任何诈骗行为或信息, 您应该向英国诈骗举报中心报告 – 您也可以联系我们, 并提供详细信息,我们将为您报告


点击链接查看您所在区域的新冠数据 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

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