WEEKLY UPDATE 10 JULY 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年7月10日

Welcome to our weekly update – designed to keep you informed of the latest Covid-19 related news and updates. We hope you’re staying safe and keeping well.

Covid-19 statistics update:

  • The number of death registrations involving the coronavirus (COVID-19) decreased from 783 in Week 25 to 606 in Week 26, the lowest number of COVID-19 deaths registered in the last 13 weeks.
  • We estimate that an average of 1 in 3,900 individuals within the community population in England had COVID-19 at any given time between 22 June and 5 July 2020.
  • As of 9am on 9 July, there have been 11,286,921 tests (either processed or sent out) in the UK. Of these, 8,530,470 tests were processed in total. 287,621 people have tested positive for coronavirus
  • As of 5pm on 8 July, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 44,602 have died across all settings.
  • 4822 total cases in Birmingham, approximately 422 per 100,000 people. (data from gov.uk, updated 9nd July)
  • 2404 total deaths in hospitals in the West Midlands, as of 8 July.

Covid-19 Alert Levels in England:


News and stories from last week:


  • Outdoor gyms and playgrounds re-opened in Birmingham on 4 July
    Read more
  • Stamp duty holiday
    Anyone completing a main residence costing up to £500,000 between 8 July 2020 and 31 March 2021 will not pay any stamp duty, and more expensive properties will only be taxed on their value above that amount.
  • Free BBC TV licences for over-75s will end on 31st July except for those in receipt of Pension Credit. The concession had been due to end on 30th June but was put back 2 months due to the pandemic.
  • NHS England is launching a new ‘Your COVID Recovery’ online portal for people who have survived the virus but still have problems with breathing, mental health problems or other complications. Nurses and physiotherapists will be on hand to reply to patients’ needs either online or over the phone as part of the service.
  • Birmingham City Council have released a Local Outbreak Plan to help manage any potential sporadic Covid-19 surges in the region.
    Download the COVID 19 Local Outbreak Control Plan Birmingham



  • The government support offer has been extended:
    You can still get a food box, care and/or medicine delivery until 31 July if you want them, but you must register online by 17 July. More information

Travel Safety:

  • Face covering reminders from NHS
    Remember your face covering when
    • using public transport
    • visiting a hospital
    • in enclosed public spaces like shops

A face covering protects others and helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

Read more

International Travel:

  • You do not have to self-isolate on arrival in England if these are the only places you have been to or stopped in during the previous 14 days.
    Exemption rules: Countries listed on Gov.UK
  • Do not travel if you have coronavirus symptoms.

Interesting reads:




欢迎阅读我们的疫情快讯 – 旨在让您了解每周最新相关新冠病的新闻和资讯。希望读者朋友们继续加油, 保持平安健康。


  • 涉及新冠病的死亡登记人数从第25周的783人减少到第26周的606人,是过去13周登记新冠病死亡人数最低点。
  • 我们估计,在2020年6月22日至7月5日期间,英格兰社区人口中平均每3900人中就有1人患有新冠病。
  • 截至7月9日上午9点,英国共有11,286,921例新冠病毒测试(已处理或已发出)。总共处理了8,530,470例测试。累计确诊案287,621例。
  • 截至7月8日下午5点,医院内外全部累计死亡44,602例。
  • 伯明翰累计确诊案4822例,每10万人约422例 (数据于2020年7月9日更新)。
  • 截至7月8日,西米德兰兹郡医院总死亡人数为2404例。



  • 印花税假期

任何人于2020年7月8日至2021年3月31日期间, 购买价值高达50万英镑的主要自住住宅, 于这段时间完成,将不缴纳任何印花税。高于50万英镑的的房产, 将只针对其价超越额的部分征税。

  • 7月4日,伯明翰的室外体育馆和操场重新开放 阅读更多
  • 新冠病虽然推迟了两个月,英国广播公司 (BBC) 正式宣布终止对大多数75岁以上老年人的免费电视执照。从8月1日起,超过300万户家庭将被要求开始支付£157.50的电视执照费用 (BBC TV Licences) 。只有那些领取养老金信贷福利的人 (Pension Credit benefit) 将被豁免。
  • 英国国民保健服务局(NHS England)正为新冠病生存者但仍有呼吸困难、精神健康问题或其他并发症的人, 推出一项新服务,叫做“你的新冠病康复” (“Your COVID Recovery”)
  • 伯明翰市议会已发布了一当地的”爆发计划” (Local Outbreak Plan),以帮助管理该区潜在散发新冠病激增的事项。


  • 政府的支援已经延长:


  • 英国国民保健服务局 (NHS) 提醒你以下情况, 请戴上面罩:
    • 使用公共交通工具
    • 去医院看病
    • 于封闭的公共场所,如商店等
  • 西米德兰兹交通网络 (West Midlands Network) –
  • 拒绝在公共交通工具上戴口罩而被罚款 读这故事


  • 如果在过去的14天里, 你只去过或停留过豁免国家,你不必在抵达英国时就自我隔离。豁免规则:阅所有英国政府列入豁免国家
  • 如果你有新冠病症状,请不要么旅行。


  • 英国国家统计局(ONS)数据发布了关于英格兰临床上极易受感染人群冠状病毒和防护的报告:2020年6月9日至6月18日


  • 如何避免戴面罩时, 眼镜冒蒸汽的小贴士 阅读更多

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