WEEKLY UPDATE 29 January 2021 – 每周疫情快讯 2021年1月29日

I: The roadmap out of lockdown 

The Government has announced that it will be publishing its ‘roadmap out of lockdown’ in the week beginning 22nd February – this should include plans for re-opening schools, the economy and society.  As they have already pledged to give headteachers at least 2 weeks notice to help them prepare, the earliest date parents/guardians can expect schools to re-open is 8th March.  This is not definite – it confirms that schools will not reopen before this date.  The easing of restrictions will depend on the vaccination programme, case rates, hospitalisations, Covid-related deaths and other relevant data


II: New travel restrictions

Mandatory hotel quarantine 

The Government has stated that travellers arriving from high risk countries – South Africa, South America and Portugal – will be required to quarantine in designated hotels for up to 10 days. They will be required to cover the costs of their hotels. 

Proof of reason for travelling abroad 

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said people wishing to leave the UK will have to declare their reason for travelling and prove it is essential; carriers will check this at airports and other international transport hubs.  More police will be deployed at ports – they will have powers to direct people to return home, and issue fines to people who are travelling for non-essential reasons 


III: Oximeter 

Oximetry has been in the news this week.  It is estimated that 1/3 of people with Covid do not have symptoms – they are discovered through testing.  There has been growing concern that many people with Covid have very low levels of oxygen, but levels can fall dangerously low with no obvious signs – people go to hospital at a very late stage when it may be too late to help.   It has been advised that everyone should buy themselves an oximeter (costs approximately £20) so they can monitor their oxygen levels. 

There is useful information on this website which has a translate button at the bottom of the page 


IV: Southside Covid Rapid Test Site 

The mobile testing site outside the Hippodrome is open until Sunday 31st January, so you still have two days to take advantage of this facility that was made available to the Chinese community.  

Pre-booking is required, and you must take proof that you live or work in Birmingham. 

V: Vaccination rollout 

The vaccination programme is progressing.  

Please remember there is a priority list – you will be contacted when it is your turn.  How you are contacted depends on where your vaccination will take place: 

  • Mass vaccination centre or pharmacy – letter
  • GP surgery – text or email

You cannot choose which vaccine you have.  If you receive a letter for a mass vaccination centre but would prefer to go to your GP, you can wait to be contacted by your surgery.    GPs are asking people not to call to enquire about vaccination – wait for them to contact you. 

VI: Don’t be scammed! 

New scams are being reported every week.  This is a recent email scam. Trading Standards warn that clicking on the link takes you to a page to put in your bank card details to pay for the vaccine.   Remember: the Covid-19 vaccination is free – it is not possible to pay for a private vaccination. 

You should report any scams to Action Fraud – or give us the details and we will report for you 

VIICovid Catch-Up with Dr Justin Varney 

Birmingham Director of Public Health Dr Justin Varney will be giving the city’s Chinese community the latest information on testing, vaccinations and everything else you need to know about Covid-19 on Thursday 4th February at 7:30 pm-9pm,

Call Chloe on 0121 685 8510 to book your place at this online meeting.

VIII: Case rates 

Check the case rates in your local area http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


Even if you test negative for Covid or you get your jab, you must still maintain respiratory & hand hygiene and observe 2m distance from people not in your household or support bubble. 

If you have symptoms or test positive, you must stay at home and self-isolate.  Vaccination and self-isolation are key elements in the route out of the pandemic. 

每周疫情快讯: 2021年1月29日


政府宣布将在2月22日的那一周公布详细的“解封路线图”,包括学校重新开放,经济和社会其他领域的解封计划。因政府承诺要至少要提前2周通知校长,以便学校有足够的时间来做好各项防护措施和准备,因此对家长/监护人,预计学校最早将于3月8日重新开放,这只是一个预期的时间,不是最终确认- 现在已经确认的是学校在此日期之前不会重新开放。 限制措施的放松将取决于疫苗接种情况、感染率、住院率,以及新冠相关的死亡人数和其他相关数据






内政大臣普里蒂·帕特尔(Priti Patel)说,出境旅行的人士将被要求出示证据,证明其旅行是紧急必要的。 航空运营商将在英国机场和其他国际运输枢纽进行检查。政府也将在各出入境口岸部署更多的警察 – 他们将有权指示人们返回自己的家中,并对非必要原因出行的人士处以罚款。



血氧饱和度一直是本周的关注新闻。 据估计,通过检测发现有三分之一的新冠患者没有出现症状。值得注意的是,很多患有新冠肺炎人士的血氧水平非常低,但是血氧水平有可能下降到危险状态时,患者自己并没有明显的察觉 – 当人们在很晚的时候才发现血氧过低,去医院就医时,有可能已经来不及医治了。建议每个人都应该购买一个血氧仪(价格约为20英镑),以便可以及时监测自己的血氧水平。






  • 大规模疫苗接种中心或药房 – 通过信件
  • 家庭医生诊所 – 短信或电子邮件


VI: 谨防诈骗

每周都会报告有关新冠疫苗的诈骗信息。以下的英文电子邮件是最近的一个骗局。交易规范部门敬告民众,点击诈骗邮件的链接会将您带到一个页面,要求输入您的银行卡信息来支付疫苗费用。 请记住:新冠疫苗为民众免费提供 – 民众不可能通过付费获得疫苗。

如遇到任何诈骗行为或信息, 您应该向英国诈骗举报中心报告 – 您也可以联系我们, 并提供详细信息,我们将为您报告

VII: 贾斯汀·瓦尼(Justin Varney)博士在线疫情发布会:

伯明翰公共卫生部总监贾斯汀·瓦尼(Justin Varney)博士将于2月4日(星期四)晚上7:30分至9点, 在线为伯明翰华人社区介绍有关新冠检测,疫苗接种,以及其他民众须知的最新信息。

欢迎致电0121 685 8510 叶姑娘,报名预订。

VIII: 每日新冠数据

点击链接查看您所在区域的新冠数据 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


勤洗手 • 戴口罩 • 保持社交距离


如果您出现新冠症状或检测呈阳性,则必须待在家中并自我隔离。 疫苗接种和自我隔离是预防大流行的关键因素。

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