Weekly Update:  28th August 2020

Birmingham avoids lockdown but some restrictions introduced

A rise in Covid-19 cases in some parts of Birmingham led to the Council warning of a possible lockdown or new restrictions. In the end lockdown was avoided and action is mainly greater enforcement of rules affecting businesses, although this will have knock-on effects on citizens.   Even though there had been local spikes, the number of new cases dropped from 30 to 23 in 100,000. Additionally, there have been no new hospital admissions or Covid deaths in Birmingham for 28 days. 

However, people should not be complacent.  The rise in cases was mainly connected to younger people (under 50) as they returned to work and the hospitality sector re-opened.  Although anyone can catch Covid-19, not everyone suffers badly from it.  Younger people who are fit & healthy report symptoms no worse than a very bad cold or flu. However, council leaders are worried that people who are only mildly unwell or asymptomatic may transmit the virus to older people 70+ and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable, putting their lives at risk.

Here’s a reminder of the rules and guidance on gatherings: 

  • No more than two households should meet indoors (including gardens).  

A single adult household may form a support bubble with another household of any size – so a support bubble and one other household can meet indoors. Maximum 30 people. 

  • No more than 6 people from different households or 30 from two households should meet outdoors. 

It is not necessary to wear a face cover outdoors but you should maintain 2 metres distance from people you’re meeting. 

  • If you go to a restaurant or pub, the proprietors should take your name and contact details for tracing close contacts of anyone who tests positive for Covid-19. 

Restaurants and pubs are requested to retain the information for 21 days. You can ask to see their data protection policies to check they comply with the Data Protection Act.

  • If you display any of the main symptoms of Covid-19, you are asked to self-isolate and book a test BookNHSTestOnline or call 119.

If you have a positive result, NHS Test & Trace will contact you to ask you for your recent close contacts so they can be invited to take tests. 

  • Unless you are medically exempt, it is compulsory to wear a face cover (covering your nose and mouth) on all forms of public transport and in certain indoor spaces including shops, banks, building societies, post offices, museums, art galleries, cinemas, libraries and transport hubs.

With effect from 28.8.2020, the fine for refusing to wear a face covering will be increased to start at £100, doubling on non-payment up to a maximum of £3,200

Measures being introduced in Birmingham from Wednesday 26th August – 

  • Restaurants can only take bookings of a maximum of 6 people or two households 
  • Businesses that fail to conduct proper risk assessments or to make their premises ‘Covid-secure’ could be fined and even shut down
  • Weddings and funerals could be prohibited on the basis of maximum event size
  • Other events may take place but with a strict limit of 30
  • The Council could shut down or restrict access to public spaces

Fines for illegal gatherings – NEW

  • Anyone organising an illegal gathering (ie more than 30 people) can be fined up to £10K
  • Anyone attending an illegal gathering may be fined £100 which will double on non-payment up to a maximum of £3,200

The new fines will come into place on Friday 28.8.2020 Fines28-8-20

  • The best ways of reducing transmission are 
  • Maintaining social distance 
  • Frequent thorough handwashing 
  • Good respiratory hygiene

‘Germ Defence’ 

A group of universities developed a toolkit for infection control ‘Germ Defence’ which has been updated to cover Covid-19: https://www.germdefence.org/protectYourself3.html

It helps you identify the potential hazards in your daily life and suggests ways of reducing the risk of transmitting or contracting the virus.  

http://chs.germdefence.org/index.html < for Chinese version of Update

BHealthy campaign

Birmingham Council is rolling out a new ‘BHealthy’ campaign promoting:

  • Healthy eating 
  • Weight loss/management 
  • Physical activity

Obesity has been found to be a risk factor in Covid-19, therefore improving the population’s health will save lives as well as protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. 

We will give more details on the BHealthy campaign over the next few weeks. 


The Government expects all schools in England to re-open in September.  

The Government has stated that it will reintroduce fines for parents who fail to send their children to school; however, schools tend to levy fines only as a last resort, when parents/guardians take children out of school for ‘trivial’ reasons. 

Birmingham Council has produced a short video showing how schools are making premises Covid-secure Covid-SecureSchools

Government guidance: EY_schools


The Government has announced that secondary schools can require children to wear face covers in designated areas of the buildings or if they believe circumstances justify it. 

It will be compulsory to wear face coverings in communal areas in secondary schools located in local lockdown areas.  

The World Health Organisation generally advises against children under 6 wearing face covers. For children aged 6-11, it depends on the circumstances; but the WHO advise that children over 12 years should wear them in the same way as adults WHO_Children&Masks


The ban on evicting tenants who have incurred rent arrears due to the pandemic has been extended by 4 weeks. 




但是,市民不应该放松警惕。大部分病例上升,主要与年轻人(50岁以下)重返工作岗位者和服务业重新开放有关。 每个人都有感染新冠病毒的风险,但不是每一位感染者的症状都非常严重,身体健康的年轻人报告显示新冠病毒的症状与一次重感冒或流感的症状相当。但是市政府担心,轻微或者无症状感染者可能会将病毒传染给70岁以上的老人,以及有健康状况的高风险人群,以致他们的生命处于危险之中。


  • 包括室内和花园,不可以有超过两个家庭在一起的聚集。


  • 在室外,来自不同家庭聚集的人数不得超过6人,或者来自两个家庭在室外聚集,总人数不得超过30人。


  • 如果您去餐厅或酒吧。店主应当记下您的姓名和联系方式,以便追踪新冠病毒测试呈阳性的患者所接触过的人。


  • 如果您出现新冠病毒的任何主要症状,您需要立即自我隔离并在以下网站上BookNHSTestOnline预定检测或拨打119。


  • 除非您有医疗豁免,否则必须在各种形式的交通工具,以及在某些室内空间佩戴口罩或面罩(必须遮住鼻子和嘴巴),包括商店,银行,公共建筑,邮局,博物馆,美术馆,电影院,图书馆和公共交通枢纽。



  • 餐馆最多只能预订6人或2户家庭
  • 如果企业或商户未进行适当的风险评估或将其场所设置为“ Covid安全”场所,则可能被罚款甚至关闭
  • 超过人数上限的婚礼和葬礼将被禁止
  • 其他聚集活动人数必须严格限制在30人以内
  • 市政府可以关闭或限制进入某些公共场所。


  • 组织非法集会的任何人(即30人以上)可被处以最高1万英镑的罚款。
  • 参加非法集会的任何人都可能被罚款100英镑,如果不付款,则将加倍,最高为3200英镑。


  • 减少病毒传播的最佳方法是
    • 保持社交距离
    • 经常彻底洗手
    • 良好的呼吸卫生




更新的中文版本 http://chs.germdefence.org/index.html 

保持健康BHealthy 市民参与活动

伯明翰市政府正在发起一个名为 “保持健康”的市民参与活动,以促进:

  • 健康饮食
  • 减肥/体重管理
  • 体育运动






伯明翰市政府制作了一个简短的视频,展示学校采取的相关措施,视频链接Covid-SecureSchools  政府网站信息:EY_schools