WEEKLY UPDATE 27 NOVEMBER 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年11月27日

There will be several changes in the next few weeks. The national lockdown will be lifted and every region in England will be placed into one of the 3 Tiers. Birmingham was in Tier 2 High Alert level before lockdown – from 2nd December, it will be placed in Tier 3. 

For a 5 day period over Christmas, the Tiers will be lifted and replaced with the ‘Christmas Bubble’ system.  What happens from 28th December will depend on the case rates – we will keep you informed. 

27.11.2020 – 01.12.2020 National Lockdown continues 

  • No social mixing between households 
  • Limited social mixing in outdoor public spaces
  • Work from home if possible

02.12.2020 -16.12.2020 Tier 3 applies

  • The Government has announced that Birmingham will be in Tier 3 Very High Alert level from 2.12.2020. 
  • This is subject to MPs voting on 1 December.
  • The Tiers will be reviewed after 14 days. 
    • See chart below for the Tier 3 restrictions. 

16.12.2020 – 23.12.2020 To be confirmed

This will depend on the 2-week review

23.12.2020 – 27.12.2020 ‘Christmas Bubbles’

  • 3 households can form a ‘Christmas Bubble’ during the period 23-27th December. In England, a pre-exising support bubble counts as one household – potentially 6 housholds (ie 3 Support Bubbles) can form a Christmas Bubble.
  • Households cannot swap between Christmas Bubbles – once a bubble is formed, that combination is fixed for the 5-day period.  There is no limit on household size. 
  • Christmas Bubbles can mix indoors including private gardens, stay overnight in each other’s homes and visit places of worship and outdoor public spaces together. 
  • Travel restrictions are lifted so you can visit each other. 
    • People who are self-isolating must NOT form a Christmas Bubble. 
    • If anyone tests positive or displays symptoms up to 48 hours after the Christmas Bubble last meets, everyone in the Bubble must self-isolate.

28.12.2020 onwards – To be confirmed 

What happens after Christmas will depend on whether household mixing causes a spike in cases, especially if the NHS is overwhelmed. We may revert to Tier 3 or there may be another national lockdown. 

Should you form a Christmas Bubble?

The Government has relaxed the rules for 5 days so families and friends can get together without penalty. You must decide whether to form a Christmas Bubble based on the risk factors for your household/support bubble. 

Remember that anyone can catch Covid-19 but some groups are at higher risk of complications and of dying if they contract the virus. These are: 

  • People over 80
  • People under 80 with long term health conditions
  • Men 
  • Ethnic minorities especially South Asian
  • Other risk factors include obesity, smoking





West Bromwich man convicted after trying to obtain money while posing as a Covid contact tracer https://bbc.in/3l9Oek9

Please note NHS test and trace is a free service. No NHS contact tracer or test administrator will ever ask you for money or for bank details. 


Councils in the West Midlands have issued a survey to test opinion on testing and vaccination. https://bit.ly/33mGt4g

The R number in Birmingham is currently 1.2 

To check case and death rates http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

每周疫情快讯: 20201127


在圣诞节假期期间,将暂时放松防疫限制,实施为期5天“圣诞防疫泡泡”。 从12月28日之后,将根据疫情状况来决定下一步的防疫措施,具体更新我们将及时告知您。

2020年11月27日至2020年12月1日 – 全国封锁继续

  • 不同家庭/居所的成员之间不可以社交聚集
  • 在室外公共场所,有限的社交聚集
  • 尽可能的在家工作

2020年12月2日至2020年12月16日 – 实施第3级疫情警戒

  • 政府已宣布,自2020年12月2日起,伯明翰将处于疫情警戒级别的第3级,即非常高。
  • 国会议员将在12月1日投票表决。
  • 3级疫情警戒级别系统将在实施14天之后进行评估。
    • 疫情警戒级别第3级的具体限制措施,请参见下表。

2020年12月16日至2020年12月23日 – 待确认


2020年12月23日至2020年12月27日 – “圣诞防疫泡泡”

  • 在12月23日至27日期间,最多可以有3户家庭形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”。 在英格兰,预先已经形成支持泡泡的所有成员可以算为一户家庭,这样,有可能最多有来自6个家庭(即3个支持泡泡)的成员可以形成一个圣诞防疫泡泡。
  • “圣诞防疫泡泡”必须是固定成员,不可以随意互换,一旦组成就不可改变,为期5天。每个家庭成员的人数没有限制。
  • 同一圣诞防疫泡泡的成员可以在家里聚集,包括自家花园,可以在彼此的家中过夜,可以一起去公共场所、礼拜场所和户外场所。
  • 取消旅行限制,形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”的家庭可以互相访问 
    • 正在自我隔离的人士不可以与其他家庭形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”。
    • “圣诞防疫泡泡”成员,在最后一次会面之后的48小时内,如果有任何成员新冠测试呈阳性或出现症状时,则所有圣诞防疫泡泡每个成员都必须自我隔离

2020年12月28日起 – 待确认



政府将实施为期5天,暂时放松防疫的限制,以便圣诞节期间家人和朋友可以相聚,不受处罚。 您必须评估您家庭/支持泡泡成员的风险因素,决定是否组成圣诞防疫泡泡。


  • 80岁以上的长者
  • 80岁以下有长期健康状况的人士
  • 男性
  • 少数族裔,特别是来自南亚的族裔
  • 其他危险因素包括肥胖,吸烟


一名来自West Bromwich的男子,谎称自己是NHS新冠测试和追踪部门的工作人员,试图向民众诈骗钱财,被拘捕定罪。



West Midlands政府发布了一项问卷调查,以听取大众对新冠测试和疫苗接种的意见。https://bit.ly/33mGt4g


点击链接查看确诊病例数和死亡数 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

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