WEEKLY UPDATE 24 JULY 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年7月24日

Welcome to our Friday edition of the weekly update. Don’t forget to carry on with your daily exercises and keep in touch with friends and family to stay healthy! 


We’ve handpicked the latest Covid-19 related news and updates, so you don’t miss anything important from the past seven days.

Covid-19 statistics update:

  • Of the deaths registered in Week 28, 366 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 16 weeks, accounting for 4.2% of all deaths in England and Wales.
  • As of 9am on 23 July, there have been 13,974,097 tests (either processed or sent out) in the UK. Of these, 10,523,054 tests were processed in total.
    297,146 people have tested positive for coronavirus
  • As of 3:56pm on 23 July, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 45,554 have died across all settings.
  • 5073 total cases in Birmingham, approximately 444 per 100,000 people. (data from gov.uk, updated 23 July)
  • 2408 total deaths in hospitals in the West Midlands, as of 22 July.

Covid-19 Alert Levels in England:


News and stories from last week:

  • Face covering rules come into force today, new guidance released for England published:
    • Coverings will be mandatory in enclosed public spaces including supermarkets, indoor shopping centres, transport hubs, banks and post offices.
    • They must also be worn when buying takeaway food and drink, although they can be removed in a seating area.
    • Those who break the rules could face a fine of up to £100 (£50 if paid within 14 days)
    • Exemptions to young children under the age of 11 (Public Health England do not recommend face coverings for children under the age of 3 for health and safety reasons) not being able to put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability.
    • West Midlands Network Face Coverings when travelling
    • West Midlands Network Exemption card
    • Apply for an West Midlands Network Exemption Badge


  • Local authorities have been given new powers and will be able to impose their own lockdowns to manage local outbreaks of coronavirus if necessary.
    Birmingham City Council has released a Local Outbreak Plan to help manage any potential sporadic Covid-19 surges in the region. Read more

  • The Government’s work from home guidance will be scrapped on 1 August, employers will soon have more freedom to decide whether staff should return to their place of work.


  • The Government has confirmed that fans could return to stadiums in the UK in October, providing they pass a series of successful trials to ensure safety measures.


  • Birmingham City Council have launched an emergency community response hub to provide support to the most vulnerable citizens. Read more


  • Birmingham City Council has reserved a stock of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for unpaid carers. It is available to carers who are finding it difficult to source and acquire PPE such as gloves, aprons and face masks, who meet the following criteria:
    • Caring for someone in Birmingham
    • Registered with Birmingham Carers Hub (Carer or Advisor will need Carers Hub PRN number)
    • The cared-for lives in a different household in Birmingham to the carer
    • ‘Personal Care’ is being provided – support with personal hygiene and toileting, along with dressing and maintaining personal appearance.
    • The PPE is available free if carers meet the above criteria and will be delivered by post. When applying online the Carer will need their PRN number on their Carers Card or alternatively our Hub Team can apply on their behalf. Apply here: https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/xfp/form/738 or call Birmingham Carers Hub on 0333 006 9711 (low call rate).
    • Carers Card Link here: https://forwardcarers.org.uk/discounts-and-benefits/carers-card/


  • The Government has said the flu vaccination programme in the UK will be “massively” expanded this winter to help the NHS cope with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic
    Read more

  • ‘sharp spike’ in coronavirus cases in neighbouring Smethwick
    • Smethwick has seen a ‘sharp spike’ in Covid-19 cases, prompting health chiefs to urge people to act fast to combat the spread of the deadly virus.
    • Sandwell Council said the rise was not yet at a level to trigger a local lockdown – but people needed to be extra vigilant.


  • Useful graphics on shielding:


Long read:




欢迎阅读周五更新的疫情快讯。别忘每天锻炼身体, 与朋友和家人保持联系以保持健康!


  • 在第28周登记的死亡人数中,涉及新冠病366例,这是过去16周内涉及新冠病的死亡人数最底的一周,占英格兰和威尔士所有死亡人数4.2%
  • 截至7月23日上午9点,英国共有 13,974,097例新冠病毒测试(已处理或已发出)。其中,总共处理了10,523,054例测试。累计确诊案297,146例。
  • 截至7月23日下午3:56点,医院内外全部累计死亡45,554例。
  • 伯明翰累计确诊案5073例,每10万人约444例 (数据于2020年7月23日更新)。
  • 截至7月22日,西米德兰兹郡医院总死亡人数为2408例。





  • 强制戴口罩规则今天开始生效,英格兰发布新指南:
    • 封闭公共场所(包括超市、室内购物中心、交通主要站/总站、银行和邮局)将强制戴口罩。
    • 购买外卖食品和饮料时,必须戴上口罩,可以在外卖店座位区取下。
    • 违反可被罚款最高100英镑 (14天内支付罚款50英镑)
    • 豁免戴口罩者: 11岁以下儿童(于健康和安全原因,英格兰公共卫生部不建议3岁以下的幼儿戴面罩)由于身体或精神疾病、残疾而不能戴上或取下面罩者。
    • 西米德兰兹网络 (West Midlands Network) 坐公车戴口罩指南
    • 西米德兰网络 (West Midlands Network) 豁免卡
    • 申请西米德兰网络(West Midlands Network) 豁免章


  • 地方议会赋予新权力,万一爆发地区性新冠病传播, 地方议会能在必要时实施封锁。



  • 政府的 「在家工作指导」 于8月1日取消,雇主将有更多的自由度来决定员工是否应该返回工作地点。


  • 政府已确实,球迷可以在10月份返回体育馆,但要先成功通过一系列的试验,以确保安全措施。


  • 伯明翰市议会已经启动了一个社区应急核心 (emergency community response hub),为最脆弱者提供支持。阅读更多


  • 个人防护设备(PPE)- 口罩,手套,围裙,面罩等

伯明翰市政府为非受薪照料者(照顾家人或朋友的义务照料者)储备了一定量的个人防护设备(PPE); 有困难自己采购和购买PPE(例如手套,围裙和口罩)的照料者,符合以下条件可以向伯明翰政府申请这些免费防护用具:

  • 您照顾的人居住在伯明翰,并且不和您居住在一起。
  • 在伯明翰照料者中心注册(通过华人中心进行注册)
  • 提供「个人护理」- 协助被照料者保持个人卫生,使用洗手间,或者穿衣服及保持个人外观。
  • 如您需要这些免费PPE设备,可以直接在线申请
    https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/xfp/form/738),也可以致电华人中心 0121 685 8510叶姑娘为您申请
  • 伯明翰政府收到申请后会以邮寄方式交付给您所需设备

  • 英政府表示今年冬天,流感疫苗接种计划将“大规模”扩大,以助国民保健服务局 (NHS) 应对新冠病的持续传播 阅读更多


  • 史密斯威克 (Smethwick) 新冠病病例“急剧上升”
    • 史密斯威克 (Smethwick) 发现新冠病病例急剧上升,卫生主管敦促市民提高警觉,放缓致命病毒的传播。
    • 桑德威尔 (Sandwell) 委会说,这一上升还没有达到引发当地封锁的程度,但市民需要格外警惕。


  • 关于屏蔽的图解:



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