WEEKLY UPDATE 21 AUGUST 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年8月21日

Welcome to the latest issue of Weekly Update. We hope you are keeping well.


As the summer holiday comes to a close, it’s likely that you’re still scouting around for more fun things to do. We are sharing more links to help parents and families. Also, check out our ‘Mythbuster & Spam Corner’ below to check out recent scam alerts.

Covid-19 statistics update:

  • Of the deaths registered in Week 32, 152 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 20 weeks and a 21.2% decrease compared with Week 31 (193 deaths), accounting for 1.7% of all deaths in England and Wales.
  • As of 9am on 20 August, there have been 15,177,265 tests processed in total across all 4 pillars in the UK. 322,280 people have tested positive for coronavirus.
  • As of 5pm on 19 August, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 41,403 have died across all settings within 28 days of that test.
  • 6004 total cases in Birmingham, approximately 526 per 100,000 people. (data from gov.uk, updated 20 Aug)
  • 2426 total deaths in hospitals in the West Midlands, as of 19 Aug.

Covid-19 Alert Levels in England:


News and stories from last week:

  • Birmingham City Council have issued this statement:
    Cases of Covid-19 are rising significantly across Birmingham and if the numbers continue, the Government could impose a local lockdown across the city. We must take immediate steps now and follow all Government advice to help contain the spread of this virus.
  • Birmingham is to join the national “watch list” and faces a one week race against time to avoid a devastating lockdown.
    Health Secretary Matt Hancock put Birmingham on the national watch list – new guidance and restrictions will follow.
  • With coronavirus infection rates on the increase, the leaders of the seven metropolitan councils across the West Midlands have joined forces to issue a rallying call to the people of the region. Read in full
  • Birmingham to pilot ‘drop and collect’ coronavirus tests
    The pilot is understood to include a self-test at home which will be delivered and collected for people struggling to get to testing sites. Read more
  • Birmingham City Council has temporarily stopped all non-essential visits to care homes within the city.
    However, the Council later clarified visits to those who are sadly considered to be ‘end of life’ will be deemed essential if appropriate precautions are taken. Read the full statement

Coronavirus Testing

  • Anyone who suspects that they might have contracted the Covid-19 virus can get a free NHS test, either apply online on GOV.UK or call 119 if you have problems using the internet.

The swab test will check if you have Covid-19, you can choose to take the test:

    • at a test site near you today and get your result tomorrow
    • with a home test kit
  • You can get a test:

    • for yourself, if you have coronavirus symptoms now (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
    • for someone you live with, if they have symptoms
    • if you live in England and have been told to have a test before you go into hospital, for example, for surgery
    • if your local council asks you to get a test
  • Many private clinics are offering paid-for Covid-19 test, reasons for considering the test:
    • If you want to travel and require a PCR test to show to authorities in the country you are travelling to that you are not infected with Covid-19 
    • If you had an episode in the past which you think was Covid-19 to check your antibody levels
    • For your own peace of mind and reassurance
    • If you are looking to move to a different household or to create “social bubbles”
  • The free NHS test is only available to people referred via 119 line or NHS website so is not extended to people travelling or anyone not displaying symptoms who wants a test ‘just in case’. 

Travel to China

  • From 21 August 2020, Chinese and foreign passengers travelling from the UK to China (including direct flights or via a third country) and transit flights to China via the UK must present a coronavirus negative test certificate which has a green health code or health status statement with the “HS” logo. The airline will check the health code or health statement before boarding. It is recommended that passengers travelling to China carry a coronavirus negative test certificate for future reference. Read more

Resources & links to help parents and families:

V&A Museum of Childhood

FirstSite – art online 

Information about schools reopening

“Mythbuster & Spam Corner”:

PHE West Midlands health reminder

  • Public Health England West Midlands (PHE West Midlands) reminds the public to drink enough fluids, to stay properly hydrated.

Report a concern about Covid-19 non-compliance:

If you are concerned that a business or venue is not following the Government’s regulations, you can report on Birmingham City Council website

Face Covering guidance:

We’ve pulled all the guidance on face covering into a ‘one stop’ poster as a reminder to you:




暑假即将结束,你可能还在四处寻找有趣的事做。我们分享有用的网站来帮助父母和家长。另外,请看下面“粉碎流言谣言中心 (Mythbuster & Spam Corner)”最近的诈骗警报。


  • 在第32周登记的死亡人数中,涉及新冠病为152例,这是过去20周内涉及新冠病的死亡人数最底的一周, 与第31周相比下降21.2%(193死亡例),占英格兰和威尔士所有死亡人数1.7%
  • 截至8月20日上午9点,英国共有 15,177, 265例新冠病毒测试(已处理或已发出)。累计确诊案322,280 例。
  • 截至8月19日下午5点,医院内外全部累计死亡41,403例 (在测试后28天内死亡)。
  • 伯明翰累计确诊案6004例,每10万人约526例 (数据于2020年8月20日更新)。
  • 截至8月19日,西米德兰兹郡医院总死亡人数为2426例。




  • 伯明翰市议会发表声明:


  • 伯明翰将加入全国“观察名单”,并面临一周争分夺秒,以避免全城封锁。

卫生部长马特·汉考克 (Health Secretary Matt Hancock) 将伯明翰列入国家观察名单,新的指导和限制措施将列出。

  • 随着新冠病感染率上升,西米德兰兹郡七个市议会的领导人联手向该地区人民发出号召保持警惕。阅读全文
  • 伯明翰将试验性地“投放和收集”的新冠病测试


  • 伯明翰市议会已暂停市内养老院所有非必要探访。




  • 任何怀疑自己可能感染了新冠病的人, 都可以通过上网申请, 获得免费国民保健服务局 (NHS) 的测试,您可以在英国政府官网申请或电119。
  • 鼻拭子试验 (swap test) 将检查您是否有新冠病,您可以选择参加测试:
    • 在你家附近的测试点今天进行测试,明天应可以得到结果
    • 家庭测试工具
  • 你可得测试:
    • 如果你现在有新冠病毒的症状(高温、新的持续性咳嗽、嗅觉或味觉丧失或改变)
    • 如果和你住在一起的人有症状
    • 住英格兰被告知要在住院前做一次检查测试。例如,做手术前
    • 如果你住当地议会要求你做个测试
  • 许多私人诊所提供付费的新冠病测试,考虑该测试的原因:
    • 如您想旅行并需要进行PCR测试, 向目的地当局证明, 您未感染新冠病,
    • 如果您曾有患新冠病, 检查您的抗体水平
    • 为了您自己的安心, 放心
    • 如果您想搬家与不同的家庭成员住或改换”社交泡泡”
  • 免费的国民保健服务局 (NHS) 测试只供给通过119线或国民保健服务局 (NHS) 网站推介者,因此不适用于旅行人士或任何没出症状者想要一个“以防万一”的测试。









“粉碎流言谣言中心 (Mythbuster & Spam Corner)”:

西米德兰兹 (Public Health England West Midlands – PHE West Midlands) 提醒健康

  • 西米德兰兹 (PHE West Midlands)  提醒市民喝足够的液体, 保持身体水分 




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