WEEKLY UPDATE 2 OCTOBER 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年10月2日

Covid-19 Weekly Update 2/10/2020

The ‘R’ number (rate of transmission) currently stands between 1.3 and 1.6.The alert level is 4.

Local Restrictions

There were no new local restrictions for Birmingham citizens this week. With exceptions explained previously, you are not allowed to have visitors in your house or garden, and you are not allowed to enter other people’s houses or gardens wherever they live. This will be reviewed every 3 weeks, with first review due 2nd October. 

NHS Test & Trace App


We understand that the app can be downloaded in Simplified Chinese but is not currently available in Traditional Chinese.  According to the BBC, it does not work on some Huawei phones. 

Download the app  https://covid19.nhs.uk/index.html

The app can tell you about risk and alert you to when you have been in close contact with people who later test positive, but the most important point is that people reduce transmission by 

  • maintaining social distance 1m+ mitigations or 2m
  • frequent thorough handwashing
  • covering their faces in indoor public spaces 


  • following the national ‘Rule of 6’ for social gathering 
  • complying with the local restriction on visits inside private homes until this is lifted

Test & Trace Support Payment for people on low incomes

If the NHS has instructed you to self-isolate, you may be able to claim a payment of £500 for the self-isolation period. Read more

Key points are: 

  • You must be working or self-employed
  • Unable to work from home
  • You would lose income by not being able to go to work 
  • You must be in receipt of a qualifying benefit

The support payment is available from 28/9/2020 with no backdating. Claims are made to the Council via its website. 

Remember that you can be fined for failing to self-isolate after receiving an NHS instruction, with fines starting at £1k. 

Drop & Collect Volunteers 

Birmingham City Council is seeking volunteers to drop and collect Covid-19 test kits and provide information to households in designated areas around the city. These are areas that have had spikes which may include households with older and clinically vulnerable Chinese people. It would be good to have some Cantonese, Hakka and Mandarin-speaking Chinese volunteers helping in this effort. PPE and training is provided. 

For a link to the volunteer application form and to read more 

Covid-19 Community Champions

The Council is also seeking volunteers for its recently launched Covid Community Champions network 

Annual Flu Vaccination

The annual flu vaccination will be available to a wider group of people this year including: 

  • Year 7 pupils 
  • All health and social care workers 
  • Household contacts of people on the NHS shielding list 

More information is here

Children’s flu vaccination here

As we are approaching winter and more people catch colds and flu, it may be difficult to know what you’ve got.  The World Health Organisation (WHO) has produced a quick guide: 

Cancer patients 

Birmingham’s University Hospitals NHS Trust is extremely worried that an increasing number of cancer patients are refusing to go to hospital for scheduled treatment out of fear of catching the virus. (It is possible this also applies to people with other illnesses and conditions)

The Trust’s senior management has explained that measures have been put in place to make the hospitals covid-secure. He urges people to follow their treatment plans as they are putting their lives at risk by not keeping appointments. Read more here

每周疫情快讯 2020 年10月2日

英國新冠傳染率R值為 1.3 和 1.6。新冠警戒危險係數為4級。



本周伯明翰没有新的限制措施。 除了以前提到的可以豁免的特殊情况以外,您仍然不可以允许访客进入您的家或花园,您也不可以进入其他人的住宅或花园。 限制措施将每3周将审核一次,第一次审核将是10月2日。


测试和追踪应用程序提供简体中文版下载,但目前尚不支持繁体中文。 根据BBC英国广播公司的相关报道,此程序在某些华为手机上不能正常运行。下载应用程式


  • 保持至少1米社交距离 + 防护措施 或保持2米社交距离
  • 经常彻底洗手
  • 在室内公共场所遮住面部

  • 按照政府颁布的“6人制规定”进行社交聚会
  • 遵守当地关于私人住宅探访的限制措施,直到相关限制取消为止


被NHS测试与追踪中心通知必须进行自我隔离的低收入人群,可申请500英镑的隔离补助金 更多详情


  • 您必须是工作或自雇人士
  • 您无法在家工作
  • 您因无法上班而失去收入
  • 您必须已获得相关的福利

隔离补助金于2020年9月28日起开始发放,没有追溯付款。 申请需通过政府的网站。



伯明翰市政府正在招募志愿者, 向城市周围指定地区的家庭发放和收取新冠检测包,以及提供疫情信息。这些地区新冠病例人数最近激增, 其中可能包括老年人和身体虚弱的中国人。希望有能讲简单广东话,客家话或普通话的中国志愿者来参与此项工作。 我们为志愿者提供个人防护装备和相关培训。

志愿者申请表或阅读更多信息,请点击链接> 更多詳情


伯明翰市政府启动了“ 新冠社区倡导者”网络社群 – 正在招募志愿者




  • 7年级学生
  • 所有医疗健康和社会护理工作者
  • 属于NHS高危屏蔽清单上的居民

更多信息请点击链接> 閱讀全文 

儿童流感疫苗接种,点击链接> 更多詳情



伯明翰大学医院非常担心越来越多的癌症患者出于担心感染新冠病毒而拒绝去医院接受定期治疗。 (这可能适用于患有其他疾病和状况的患者)

  • 高级管理层负责人解释说,医院已经采取了各项防护措施,使医院成为防新冠病毒的安全场所。 他敦促癌症患者遵循他们的治疗计划,因为拒绝治疗将会危及生命。更多详情

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