WEEKLY UPDATE 19 March 2021 – 每周疫情快讯 2021年3月19日

I: Vaccination programme hits a bump in the road out of lockdown     NEW

People aged 50-55 received Covid vaccination invitations this week. The Government is 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  However, due to a supply issue, people under 50 must wait until May before receiving their first jabs.  Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that everyone in the first wave (priority groups 1-9) will receive their second jab by mid-April as it must be given within 12 weeks of the first vaccination. The schedule now looks like this: 

When might people receive their first vaccine dose?

All adults should be vaccinated by the end of July. 

You will be contacted by the NHS Vaccination Centre or your GP surgery.  The vaccination is free, and only available via the NHS in the UK. Any vaccinations being advertised by private clinics or on the internet may be fake and not approved by the official regular MHRA. You may be risking your health and wasting your money if you book a private vaccination. 

II: End of Shielding

The advice to the clinically extremely vulnerable to shield ends on 1st April. People on the shielding list will receive a notification letter soon.  Support measures such as reserved shopping slots may end. 


III: ‘The roadmap out of lockdown’    

We are still in Step 1 (Part 1) of the roadmap; Part 2 of Step 1 is scheduled to start on 29th March. 

Remember: each step will only be implemented if 4 tests are satisfied:                           

  • Test 1 The vaccination programme is on schedule
  • Test 2 Hospitalisations and deaths are reduced
  • Test 3 The NHS is not overwhelmed by a surge of new cases
  • Test 4 New variants of concern can be adequately managed

If these tests are not met, we will not move to the next stage.  Therefore, it is advisable to wait before you book holidays abroad as restrictions could continue beyond 21st June – the end of the roadmap.      

The dates are the earliest we can expect change. 

IV: Travel abroad 

Travel abroad is still prohibited except for specified reasons.  If you do have an exempt reason to travel to another country, you must complete a declaration form for international travel, available on the Gov.UK website. Link to the form here:


Case rates 

Check the case rates in your local area http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


Census Day is Sunday 21st March. 

You can complete the Census before Sunday if you know there will be no changes to your household.   

The Census has gone online but you can order a paper version if you cannot complete the form online. Call freephone 0800 141 2021 to order a paper form. 

You will need a unique ID code whether you complete online or on paper. 

Need help?

We can help those who have no family or friends. Book an appointment with our Advice Service 0121 685 8510. Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th March are dedicated to helping people needing help to complete Census forms.  The fee is £6 single household / £9 couple household. 


每周疫情快讯: 2021319


50-55岁的人士在本周收到了新冠疫苗接种的邀请,比政府制定的原计划提前了2周。但是,由于疫苗供应出现问题,50岁以下的人士必须等到5月份才能接种第一剂新冠疫苗。卫生部长马特·汉考克(Matt Hancock)表示,从4月中旬开始,政府将首先安排新冠疫苗优先接种人群(1类至9类)接种新冠疫苗的第二剂,因为他们必须在第一剂疫苗接种后的12周内进行第二剂疫苗的接种。以下是疫苗接种的时间表:







III: ‘疫情解封路线图’


请注意: 实施解封的每个阶段都必须满足以下的四个条件:

  • 条件1. 新冠疫苗大规模接种继续按计划进行
  • 条件2. 新冠病人住院人数和死亡数大幅减少
  • 条件3. 新增感染病例不会导致NHS医疗系统不堪重负
  • 条件4. 新冠病毒的新变种可以被有效的控制


IV: 国际旅行




点击链接查看您所在区域的新冠数据 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/




人口普查问卷已经可以在网上填写。如果您无法在线填写表格,则可以订制纸质版本。请拨打免费电话0800 141 2021要求寄送纸质表格。



我们可以为那些没有家人,朋友的人士提供帮助。您可以致电我们0121 685 8510,预约远程咨询服务。

在3月23日(星期二)和25日(星期四),我们会帮助有需要的人士填写人口普查问卷。 服务费用为单身家庭£6 / 夫妻家庭 £9。

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