WEEKLY UPDATE 18 December 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年12月18日

I: Restrictions 

I.I Tier review

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed Birmingham remains in Tier 3  

I:II Christmas Bubble

The Government has issued guidance that will apply to the 5-day Christmas Bubble period. We have inserted this into our Christmas period table.  PM Johnson stressed that 3 households mixing for 5 days are maximum limits, not targets; he urged people to do the minimum possible in order to reduce transmission. He also advised people to start reducing their contacts 5 days before Christmas ie from this weekend. 

Restrictions 17.12.2020 – 27.12.2020

The Tiers will be reviewed every 14 days – the first review took place on 16.12.2020.

For a 5 day period over Christmas, the Tiers will be lifted and replaced with the ‘Christmas Bubble’ system.  What happens from 28th December will depend on the case rates. 




17.12.2020 –  22.12.2020

Tier 3
  • No social mixing indoors
  • ‘Rule of 6’ applies when meeting other households outdoors
  • Do not travel to lower tier areas

23.12.2020 – 27.12.2020

‘Christmas Bubbles’


  • 3 households can form a ‘Christmas Bubble’ during the period 23-27th December. In England, a pre-exising support bubble counts as one household – potentially 6 housholds (ie 3 Support Bubbles) can form a Christmas Bubble.
  • Households cannot swap between Christmas Bubbles – once a bubble is formed, that combination is fixed for the 5-day period.  There is no limit on household size. 
  • Christmas Bubbles can mix indoors including private gardens, stay overnight in each other’s homes and visit places of worship and outdoor public spaces together. 
  • Travel restrictions are lifted so you can visit each other. 
    • People who are self-isolating must NOT form a Christmas Bubble. 
    • If anyone tests positive or displays symptoms up to 48 hours after the Christmas Bubble last meets, everyone in the Bubble must self-isolate.


– from Prof Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England

  • Keep it small – reduce the number of households mixing
  • Keep it short – reduce the number of days you spend together
  • Keep it local – don’t travel from higher to lower tier areas
  • Protect the most vulnerable 

28.12.2020 onwards 

To be confirmed 

What happens after Christmas will depend on whether household mixing causes a spike in cases, especially if the NHS is overwhelmed. We may revert to Tier 3 or 2 or there may be another national lockdown. 

Should you form a Christmas Bubble?

The Government has relaxed the rules for 5 days so families and friends can get together without penalty. You must decide whether to form a Christmas Bubble based on the risk factors for your household/support bubble. 

Remember that anyone can catch Covid-19 but some groups are at higher risk of complications and of dying if they contract the virus. These are: 

  • People over 80
  • People under 80 with long term health conditions
  • Men 
  • Ethnic minorities especially South Asian
  • Other risk factors include obesity, smoking

II: Vaccination programme – reminders  

  • The NHS has issued a reminder that you cannot book a Covid-19 vaccination. Your GP will contact you when the jab is available for you.
  • If you do take up the offer of the vaccine, you must have both doses for it to be effective. The 2nd dose should be administered 21-28 days after the first.
  • There are no plans to make the vaccine mandatory – you will not be forced to have it. 

Don’t forget your flu jab! 

If you are also entitled to a free flu jab, make sure you have this at least 1-2 weeks before the first dose of the Covid vaccination.   This ensures your body recognises and responds separately to the two viruses.  

III: Mass Testing

Mass Covid testing began in Birmingham last week. Birmingham Public Health team have selected the areas and populations for testing based on evidence of risk. http://bit.ly/2LKXdMO

Lateral flow tests indicate whether or not you are infectious on the day you test so is used by care homes to enable non-infectious people to visit residents. 

IV: Self-Isolation 

IV.I Self-isolation period reduced

With effect from 14.12.2020 the self-isolation period was reduced from 14 to 10 days.

IV.II Self-Isolation payment  

It is now possible to apply for the self-isolation payment if you are told to isolate by the NHS Test & Trace app as well as by NHS contact tracers.


Apply to the Council http://bit.ly/36M34d3

V: Grants for businesses

V.I Local Restrictions Support Grant (Open)

Aimed at businesses in Tier 2 and 3 areas that remained open between 1 August-5 November but which were negatively affected by the restrictions. 

V.II Additional Restrictions Grant 

A discretionary grant. The Government has empowered local councils to set the criteria but strongly indicated businesses supplying retail, hospitality and leisure companies and businesses in the events sector should be supported.  

Apply to Birmingham Council https://bit.ly/37ROEag

The growth rate in Birmingham is currently 0.7

To check case and death rates in your ward http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

Advice for shoppers 


每周疫情快讯: 20201218


I.I 疫情警戒级别系统评估

英国卫生部长马特·汉考克(Matt Hancock)确认伯明翰目前仍然列在疫情警戒级别系统第3级,非常高

I:II 圣诞防疫泡泡

政府已经发布了圣诞节5天假期期间的防疫指引,具体内容详见下表。 约翰逊首相强调说,允许3个家庭聚会和5天的放宽限制是我们设定的允许家庭间聚集的最大限度,而不是我们的目标。 他敦促人们尽可能地减少聚集,从而降低病毒的传播,他还建议人们在圣诞节前5天即从这个周末开始减少与他人的社交聚集。



在圣诞节假期期间,将暂时放松防疫限制,实施为期5天的“圣诞防疫泡泡”。 从12月28日之后,将根据疫情状况来决定下一步的防疫措施。






  • 在室内不可以社交聚集
  • 可以在户外与其他家庭见面,需遵循6人制规则
  • 不要去疫情警戒级别较低的地区旅行



法律规定 允许您可以做的事

  • 在12月23日至27日期间,最多可以有3户家庭形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”。 在英格兰,预先已经形成支持泡泡的所有成员可以算为一户家庭,这样,有可能最多有来自6个家庭(即3个支持泡泡)的成员可以形成一个圣诞防疫泡泡。 
  • “圣诞防疫泡泡”必须是固定成员,不可以随意互换,一旦组成就不可改变,为期5天。每个家庭成员的人数没有限制。
  • 同一圣诞防疫泡泡的成员可以在家里聚集,包括自家花园,可以在彼此的家中过夜,可以一起去公共场所、礼拜场所和户外场所。
  • 取消旅行限制,形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”的家庭可以互相访问 
    • 正在自我隔离的人士不可以与其他家庭形成“圣诞防疫泡泡”。
    • “圣诞防疫泡泡”成员,在最后一次会面之后的48小时内,如果有任何成员新冠测试呈阳性或出现症状时,则所有圣诞防疫泡泡每个成员都必须自我隔离。

建议民众 – 抗击疫情您能做的事

-来自英国首席医学官Chris Whitty教授就圣诞防疫泡泡建议民众

  • 尽可能小规模 – 以减少家庭间聚会的人数
  • 尽可能的减短聚会时间– 以减少不同家庭一起度过的几天
  • 尽可能的留在居住地 – 不要去疫情警戒级别较高或较低的地区旅行
  • 尽可能的保护最弱势群体





政府将实施为期5天,暂时放松防疫的限制,以便圣诞节期间家人和朋友可以相聚,不受处罚。 您必须评估您家庭/支持泡泡成员的风险因素,决定是否组成圣诞防疫泡泡。


  • 80岁以上的长者
  • 80岁以下有长期健康状况的人士
  • 男性
  • 少数族裔,特别是来自南亚的族裔
  • 其他危险因素包括肥胖,吸烟


  • NHS已发出声明,您无法预约新冠疫苗接种,当疫苗预备到位时,您的家庭医生将会与您联系。 
  • 如果您决定接种新冠疫苗,需要注射两剂疫苗,即在接种第二剂后才能产生免疫,这应该是在第一剂后的21-28天。
  • 政府没有计划强制民众接种新冠疫苗– 您将不会被强制接种该疫苗。




伯明翰上周开始实施大规模检测。 伯明翰公共卫生部门根据疫情统计数据,选择了需要优先进行检测的地区和人群,相关报道请浏览




IV.I 自我隔离期缩短


IV. II 隔离补助金

如果NHS 测试与追踪部门的工作人员或NHS通过追踪应用软件,通知您需要进行自我隔离,您无法在家工作,则可以申请隔离补助金。 http://bbc.in/3n9nOkr

通过伯明翰市政府申请,申请网址 http://bit.ly/36M34d3

V: 疫情期间商业补助

V.I 商业支持补助金(开放申请)



此类补助属于酌情考虑的一种财政援助。 中央政府已授权地方政府制定申请条件,着重针对零售业,服务业和休闲行业的企业和商户得到相应的支持。

通过伯明翰市政府申请,申请网址 https://bit.ly/37ROEag

伯明翰目前的新冠确诊病例增长率为 0.7

点击链接查看确诊病例数和死亡数 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/


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