WEEKLY UPDATE 16 OCTOBER 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年10月16日

New Alert System 

On Wednesday 14th October the Government introduced a new 3-tier alert system based on the number of cases in each area. Birmingham, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall and Wolverhampton are all in Tier 2 – High Level. The poster below sets out what you can and can’t do, but the two key changes are 

  • Households must not mix in any indoor settings anywhere. Households that have formed support bubbles may still mix indoors.
  • Households may meet in private gardens but a maximum of 6 people including children and people in support bubbles.

Test & Trace Support Payment goes live 

The online claim form for the Test & Trace lump sum payment is now on the Council website click here

School exams 

School exams will be held in 2021 but with a 3 week delay click here

Key Messages from Birmingham Public Health 

  • Rates are rising signficantly among children aged 10+ and people 19-29
  • There is currently no evidence of transmission in classrooms or within workplaces
  • It is thought the virus is being transmitted during children’s parties and playdates, work breaks – sharing cigarette lighters – and car sharing

Business Briefing

The Public Health Department are holding an online briefing for businesses on Tuesday 20th October 5-6pm

Covid-19 Community Champions

The Council is still seeking volunteers for its recently launched Covid Community Champions network 


从10月14日(星期三)起,政府根据不同地区疫情的严重程度,英格兰将实施新的三级防疫措施。伯明翰, SANDWELL, SOLIHULL, WALSALL AND WOLVERHAMPTON 定为2级-高风险地区。下面的海报列出了您可以做什么,不能做什么,其中两个关键的更新是:

  • 不同家庭/住户之间不可以在任何室内环境聚集。居住生活在同一住宅内,形成‘支持泡泡’ 的成员之间仍然可以在室内聚集。
  • 不同家庭/住户之间可以在私家花园中聚会,但不能超过6人,包括儿童和形成‘支持泡泡’ 的成员


測試和追踪一次性隔離補助金已經可以在政府官方網站上申 https://bit.ly/36M34d3


學校考試將於2021年舉行,但將延遲3週 https://bit.ly/341tw0w


  • 10歲以上的兒童和19-29歲的青年人的發病率顯著上升。
  • 目前尚無病毒在學校教室或工作場所傳播的證據。
  • 兒童聚會、娛樂活動,工作休息時的互動、共用打火機、一起坐車等被認為是病毒容易傳播的場合。



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