WEEKLY UPDATE 15 January 2021 – 每周疫情快讯 2021年1月15日

I: Vaccination invitation letter

7 Mass Vaccination Centres opened across the country this week.  Birmingham has a centre at Millenium Point in Digbeth. 

People aged 80+ should receive a letter inviting them to book an appointment for the Covid-19 vaccination.  The letter may come from their GP or the National Booking System.  

Birmingham & Solihull CCG have created a website to provide information and answer questions – 


We have taken information from various local Public Health and NHS sources and put key points here: 

  • You can choose whether to have your vaccination at Millenium Point or your GP surgery
  • The Government has ordered 3 vaccines: Pfizer, AstroZeneca (‘Oxford’ vaccine), and Moderna
  • You cannot choose which vaccine you get
  • Vaccination is not compulsory but the NHS and Public Health bodies encourage you to have it

All vaccines work by introducing genetic material from the virus into your body. Your body’s immune system learns to recognise the genetic code and develops antibodies. If you catch the virus, your antibodies will fight it.  If you catch the virus naturally you could become extremely ill, you could even die or be left with long term effects. The vaccine protects you from this. Covid-19 will be defeated by more people having the jab as fewer people will become ill with the virus. 

  • The vaccine will help prevent illness but it is not known whether it prevents transmission
  • This means that even after having your jab, you must continue to observe Hands ● Face ● Space 
  • In order to be offered the vaccine, you must be registered with a GP 
  • When you go for your vaccine, you must take your vaccination letter – you will need your NHS number
  • The Mass Vaccination Centre states that people must not take anyone with them except carers if they’re needed for medical reasons.   Interpreters are provided at the centres
  • You will be required to say ‘I consent to the vaccination’
  • Even if you had Covid, you should still have the jab as it is not yet known how long naturally acquired antibodies last

Don’t be scammed!


It has been confirmed that carers will be given priority for the vaccine. If they are under 65, they will be in Priority Group 6 which includes people aged 16-64yrs with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality.  If they are 65+, they will be given high priority.


The carer must either be receiving Carers Allowance or be the main carer of an elderly or disabled person whose welfare may be at risk if the carer contracted COVID ie the same reason carers are entitled to a free annual flu jab.

Carers who are not receiving Carers Allowance should inform their GPs that they are caring for somebody so they have access to free jabs. 

The Government is aiming for the top 4 priority groups to receive their first dose by mid-February; the second dose should be given around 12 weeks later.  The whole adult population (18+) should have been offered the jab by Autumn this year. 

All vaccinations are done by appointment only. Do not call your GP to book – you will receive a letter when it is your turn. 

II: Covid test centre – Chinatown

We have worked with Southside District and Birmingham Public Health to bring a mobile testing unit to Chinatown. Details on the flyer. 

III: Travel 

The Government has confirmed stated that the new requirement for travellers arriving in the UK to have had negative test result within 72 hours of travelling starts on Friday 15th January. Monday 18th January.


IV: Daily cases 

Check the number of cases in your local area here: http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

The growth rate in Birmingham is currently 2.3

每周疫情快讯: 2021年1月15日


本周在全英开设了7个大规模疫苗接种中心。伯明翰的疫苗接种中心设在Digbeth的Millenium Point。





  • 您可以选择在Millenium Point接种中心进行疫苗接种,或是在您家庭医生诊所接种。
  • 政府订购了3种新冠疫苗:辉瑞,AstroZeneca(“牛津”疫苗)和Moderna。
  • 您不可以自己选择接种哪一种疫苗
  • 新冠疫苗接种并非强制性,但NHS和公共卫生机构鼓励您接种疫苗。

所有疫苗都是通过将病毒的遗传物质注入人体来起到保护作用。接种后,您身体的免疫系统可以识别出病毒的遗传密码,从而产生抗体。 当您一旦感染了新冠病毒,您体内的抗体将对付新冠病毒。如果您自然感染了新冠病毒,则可能会病得很重,甚至可能死亡或产生长期影响。疫苗可以保护您免受此伤害。当越来越多的人接种新冠疫苗后,感染新冠病毒的人将会越来越少,新冠病毒也终将被打败。

  • 新冠疫苗有助于预防新冠肺炎,但尚不知道是否可以预防传播病毒。
  • 这意味着在接种完新冠疫苗以后,您仍然需要继续保持  勤洗手  ● 戴口罩  ● 保持社交距离
  • 为了确保您能获得疫苗,您必须在您的家庭医生诊所注册 
  • 在您前去接种新冠疫苗时,您必须携带疫苗接种的邀请信,并提供您的NHS号码。
  • 如果您选择去大规模疫苗接种中心,除了因医疗原因需要陪护人员或照料者陪同以外,您不可以带其他任何人进入接种中心,中心将提供口译工作人员。
  • 接种疫苗前您,您将被要求说出 “我同意接种新冠疫苗”。
  • 即使您已经感染了新冠肺炎,您仍应当接种疫苗,因为尚不知道自然免疫获得的抗体能持续多久。






政府的目标是在2月中旬之前让最重要的4个优先人群接种首剂新冠疫苗;在12周后接种第二剂。 到今年秋季,可以让所有18岁以上的成年人接种新冠疫苗。

所有疫苗接种均由系统预约安排。 请勿致电您的家庭医生。当轮到您接种时,您会收到家庭医生的信。


伯明翰华人社区中心与Southside District(南苑商区)和伯明翰公共卫生部门合作,将在中国城设立移动新冠快速检测站,详情请查看附件单张。



IV: 每日新冠数据

点击链接查看您所在区域的新冠数据 http://ukcovid19.nw.r.appspot.com/

伯明翰目前的新冠确诊病例增长率为 2.3


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