WEEKLY UPDATE 14 AUGUST 2020 – 每周疫情快讯 2020年8月14日

Welcome to the latest issue of Covid-19 Weekly Update. We hope you are well and not struggling too much with the heat the last few days. 


Met Office warns of more thunderstorms with danger of flash flooding in the West Midlands. Stay safe!


We continue to share some resources & links to help parents and families during the summer holiday. Also, check out our ‘Mythbuster & Spam Corner’ section below to help you separate fact from fiction, in order to avoid being scammed.

Covid-19 statistics update:

  • Of the deaths registered in Week 31, 193 mentioned “novel coronavirus (COVID-19)”, the lowest number of deaths involving COVID-19 in the last 19 weeks and a 11.1% decrease compared with Week 30 (217 deaths), accounting for 2.2% of all deaths in England and Wales.
  • As of 9am on 12 August, there have been 17,973,673 tests (either processed or sent out) in the UK. 313,798 people have tested positive for coronavirus
  • As of 5pm on 11 August, of those tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, 41,329 have died across all settings within 28 days of that test.
  • 5631 total cases in Birmingham, approximately 493 per 100,000 people. (data from gov.uk, updated 13 Aug)
  • 2425 total deaths in hospitals in the West Midlands, as of 12 Aug.

Covid-19 Alert Levels in England:

News and stories from last week:

  • Lockdown to ease further in England from Saturday. The Government has announced more beauty treatments, small wedding receptions and live indoor performances will be able to resume. Bowling alleys, casinos and soft play centres will also be able to reopen.
    (See below for soft play centres in the region)
  • Travellers coming to the UK from France and the Netherlands will be forced to quarantine for 14 days from Saturday. Read Gov.uk for full list
  • A review of how deaths from coronavirus are counted in England has reduced the UK death toll by more than 5,000, to 41,329, the government has announced.
    Previously, people in England who died at any point following a positive test, regardless of cause, were counted in the figures.
    But there will now be a cut-off of 28 days, providing a more accurate picture of the epidemic.
  • England’s contact tracing app trial gets under way.
    It will be limited to residents in the Isle of Wight, the London Borough of Newham and NHS volunteer responders to begin with.
    The software will tell users to self-isolate for a fortnight if the app detects they have been close to someone else diagnosed with the virus.
  • Students received their A and AS level results yesterday. Gov.UK has published a guide on ‘What to do if you have concerns or questions about your grades: student guide to appeals and malpractice or maladministration complaints’
    If you want to challenge your results, you’ll have to ask your school to challenge them on your behalf, and the deadline to do so is 17 September 2020
  • Reminder: The NHS is starting to resume ‘normal’ (non-Covid) business.  If you are given an appointment for a pre-planned operation or treatment as an in-patient, you must self-isolate for 14 days beforehand.  
  • The NHS’s latest poster, remind public to ‘wash your hands, cover your face and make space’ to prevent spread

Resources & links to help parents and families:

Library of Birmingham has a storytelling YouTube channel:

Library of Birmingham downloadable books:

Families Birmingham Leaving Lockdown Summer 2020:

Birmingham Live – the best soft play centres, according to Birmingham mums and dads:

“Mythbuster & Spam Corner”:

  • FALSE: rumour going around that children testing positive for Covid-19 will be forcibly removed from their families and quarantined elsewhere.

    FACT: Gov.UK – benefit more from self-isolating at their family home

  • FALSE: the right to opt-out of NHS Shared Summary Care Records comes to an end at the end of September; if you don’t opt out by 30/9, you’ll lose the right to do so meaning NHS organisations can share your data.   

FACT: You can opt out of the NHS sharing your records at any time 

  • TRENDING NEWS: On a British Born Chinese FaceBook group, some Chinese people are getting scam / spam calls. They’re recorded messages, speaking in Cantonese or Mandarin, about a parcel collection and to select an option to arrange delivery.

    HOW TO DEAL WITH IT: Dealing with unknown callers – hang up, don’t give out any personal information. 
    Call the organisation or institution from a different phone to check if the call is genuine.



欢迎阅读新一期的疫情快讯。英国遭遇有记录以来最严重的热浪, 在酷暑高温天气中, 希望你保持凉快, 找方法消暑解热。


本期我们继续分享资源和网站,以帮助家长与孩子们过愉快的暑假。另外,请查看下面的 “粉碎流言谣言中心 (Mythbuster & Spam Corner)”,帮助您将事实与谣言判別区分,以避免被骗。


  • 在第31周登记的死亡人数中,涉及新冠病193例,这是过去19周内涉及新冠病的死亡人数最底的一周, 与第30周相比下降11.1%(217死亡例),占英格兰和威尔士所有死亡人数2.4%
  • 截至8月12日上午9点,英国共有 17,973,673例新冠病毒测试(已处理或已发出)。累计确诊案313,798 例。
  • 截至8月11日下午5点,医院内外全部累计死亡41,329例。
  • 伯明翰累计确诊案5631例,每10万人约493例 (数据于2020年8月13日更新)。
  • 截至8月12日,西米德兰兹郡医院总死亡人数为2425例。





  • 周六起,英格兰进一步放宽封锁措施:政府宣布,加多美容护理服务,小型婚宴和室内现场表演将可以恢复。保龄球馆,赌场和室内儿童游乐园(Children softplay Centres)也将重新开放。
  • 从法国和荷兰来到英国的旅客将周六开始要求自我隔离14天。
    阅读英政府官方的网站 – 完整国家名单
  • 英国采用新方法计算死亡病例 累计死亡减少逾5000例。

以前的旧方法, 在英格兰任何时候死于阳性检测的人,不管原因如何,都会被计入这些数字中。

但用新方法计算, 使用28天的截止时间,提供了一个更准确的疫情图片。

  • 英格兰的联系人追踪应用程序试用正在进行中。

现阶段,它将仅限于怀特岛 (Isle of Wight) 、伦敦纽汉区 (London Borough of Newham) 的居民和英国国民保健服务局志愿响应者 (NHS volunteer responders)。



  • 注意:英国国民保健服务局 (NHS) 开始恢复“正常”(非新冠病)治疗。如果您被安排住院进行预先计划的手术或治疗,则必须提前自我隔离14天。
  • 英国国民保健服务局 (NHS) 最新发布的海报, 提醒市民“洗手、遮脸、保持距离”,以防传播新冠病








伯明翰网络报纸 – 根据伯明翰父母的意见,如下所示最好的室内儿童游乐园(Children softplay Centres):

“粉碎流言谣言中心 (Mythbuster & Spam Corner)”:

  • 错误:传闻说,检测出新冠病阳性的儿童将被强行带离家庭,并被隔离在其他地方。

事实:官方英国政府网站 – 劝告儿童在家里自我隔离


  • 错误:选择退出英国国民保健服务局共享的简易护理记录 (NHS Shared Summary Care Records) 的权利将在9月底结束;如果你在9月30日之前不选择退出,你将失去这选择的权利,意味着英国国民保健服务局 (NHS) 组织可以共享你的数据。

事实:你可以随时退出英国国民保健服务局 (NHS) 分享你的记录  


  • 热门话题:一英国出生华人面子书群上 (FaceBook Group),有些人接到了诈骗电话。骗子用广东话或普通话, 关于接收包裹和选择递送的信息。

正确处理方法:处理未知来源电话 – 马上挂电话,不要透露任何个人资料。


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