The Silent Minority (不做沉默的少数) – Vote on the 12th of December!

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The British-Chinese community is a silent community. With nearly 1% of the UK population, it is well known that the community is one of the least engaged in UK politics: particularly when voting in elections. In this video, we interview several members of the British-Chinese community to find out about their opinions of voting in UK Politics and why the British-Chinese community should have their voices heard.

在英华人群体也是一个沉默的群体。众所周知,尽管华人群体占英国人口的近1%,但却是最不热衷于参与政治活动的群体之一——尤其是在选举投票时。 在此视频中,我们采访了英国华人社群的几位成员,以了解他们对英国政治与投票的看法,以及为何在英华人应该表达自己的声音。

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The Silent Minority (不做沉默的少数)

“When you don’t vote, other people speak for you.”~“如果你不投票,你的声音就被其他人所取代了。”

Vote on the 12th of December! 参与12月12日的投票

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