Tai Chi 太极班


Learn the 24 forms of the ancient style of Chen Style Tai Chi with master Vinny Ly, including warm up exercises, meditation and Qigong (silk railing) as well. Each session includes a 1.5 hour lesson followed by an optional 30 minutes practice time and opportunity to ask Tai Chi master Vinny Ly any questions you may have.


在太极大师Vinny Ly的指导下,学员将学习传统陈式太极拳24式,包括热身运动,冥想和气功。每个课程包括一个半小时的教学,和30分钟的自选练习或与老师互动的机会。


Date/时间: Wednesday/星期三 (6pm – 8pm) 

Fee /费用: £2 for members/session 会员每堂 £2

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