National Insurance and pension – 國民保險與退休金

Next week Friday 6th May 📣
Insurance and pension
There are differences about life in UK and Hong Kong: an example is National Insurance and State Retirement Pension which do not exist in Hong Kong.
AAT Licenced Accountant Azhar Ashraf, will attend our Centre to talk about National Insurance and Pension on Friday 6th May. He will explain National Insurance contributions [NICs] for employees and self-employed people as well as employers. He will also talk about the State Retirement Pension.
Call 0121 685 8510 to book your place.
英國的生活和香港有不一樣的地方,其中一項是香港沒有的國民保險和退休金制度,我們很高興在五月的第一個星期五 (5月6日) 邀請到會計師 Azhar Ashraf 𦲷臨本中心,為各位講解有關國民保險和退休制度等事宜,包括受聘或自僱人士的供款和類別 (Class 1, 2 及 4),受聘或自僱人士的分別和國家退休金。有興趣了解的朋友,請致電本中心 0121-685-8510 報名,謝謝!

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