Covid-19 Monthly Update May – 每月疫情更新2021年5月

Welcome back!

After a short pause, our Covid-19 bulletin is back although we will be producing it monthly.  If you want to check cases on a daily basis, download this app to your smartphone  The data is taken from ‘Coronavirus in the UK’, the UK Government official website on Covid statistics and insights. 

What’s new?

I: Roadmap 

On Monday 17th May, England moved to Step 3 of the Roadmap out of Lockdown. 

II: ‘Indian Variant’

The presence of B.1.617.2 – the ‘Indian variant’ – has been a concern. On 13th May, the Birmingham Mail reported that 62 cases had been found across the West Midlands with 19 being in Edgbaston South & University 

However, the Government scientific advisers have said the Indian variant may be highly transmissible but does not appear to cause higher levels of disease. It is similar to the ‘Kent variant’ which is the most prevalent variant in the West Midlands at the moment. For this reason, the Government decided to move to Step 3 as planned.

III: Vaccination for over-50s & clinically vulnerable people

As a precaution against the Indian variant, over-50s and clinically vulnerable people will be invited for their 2nd vaccination after 8 weeks instead of 12. You do not need to take any action – the NHS will contact you.

IV: Under 40s vaccination

Due to concerns over the Astra Zeneca vaccination and blood clots, people under 40 will be given the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

V: Testing

The rapid test site at the Hippodrome Theatre in Chinatown has now closed.

You can order lateral flow device (LFD) tests online

LFD tests are only for people without Covid symptoms. If you have symptoms, you should order a PCR test and self-isolate.

If your LFD test result is positive, you should also order a PCR test to confirm, and self-isolate until you get the result.

Surge testing is taking place in parts of Birmingham that have ‘variants of concern’. You can do a postcode check to see if you get tested:

VI: Foreign travel

The Government has risk assessed other countries and rated them Red, Amber or Green

The ratings show which countries the Government considers safe or unsafe for travel; individual countries may not allow UK residents to enter therefore you must check each country’s rules before travelling. The general advice at the moment is only to travel for work or emergencies; you should avoid travelling abroad for holidays.

VII: Birmingham City Council – Covid Impact Survey

The Council wants to find out what impact Covid has had on Birmingham citizens.

Closing date for the survey 30.6.2021.

Re-opening survey

Thank you to everyone who responded to our reopening survey. We wanted to find out what would make you feel confident to return to CCC-B.

Vaccination (multi choice question)

52.5% would feel more confident if staff and volunteers are vaccinated.
32.5% would feel more confident if staff and volunteers had received both jabs.
12.5% would feel confident if staff and volunteers had received one jab.
30% have no opinion/


80% would feel more confident if staff and volunteers have regular tests.
20% have no opinion.

Measures to make CCC-B a Covid-safe building

100% agreed with all the measures we are putting into place to make CCC-B a Covid-safe building. This includes responsibilities on CCC-B Members, service users and visitor as well as staff and volunteers.

Online or face-to-face?

63% are happy with online and face-to-face activities/
20% prefer face-to-face.
17% prefer online.

We will take your responses into account in our reopening plans.

  • CCC-B warmly invites local Mandarin speaking Chinese residents to join CCC-B volunteers engagement programme and become a member of our volunteers group. The programme starts in July 2021. Enquries are welcome.
  • Carers week starts on 6th June. CCC-B is organising two outdoor meetings:

11am – 3pm on Wednesday, 09/06/21 at Cannon Hill Park; and
11am – 3pm on Thursday, 10/06/21 at Handsworth Park.

All are welcome to come by and have a catch-up chat! There will be 8 brocades demonstration, music, and dance! Looking forward to seeing you.

  • Starting from 15/06/2021, we have 8 sessions of a variety of Art in Health online activities, including art and craft, yoga, etc, delivered by professional facilitator. Please keep an eye on our posts. Detailed information are soon to be published.


每月疫情更新: 20215


在暂停了一段时间后,我们的疫情更新会再为大家继续服务,疫情更新将改为每月一期。 如果您想了解每天疫情数据,请将此应用程序下载到智能手机,其数据来自英国政府官方网站上的新冠疫情统计资料和分析。





印度新冠变种B.1.617.2在英国的传播一直令人担忧。5月13日,伯明翰邮报报道说,在West Midland发现了62例印度变种病例,其中19例在Edgbaston南部和伯明翰大学附近。

政府科学顾问表示,印度新冠变种可能更具传染性,但似乎并未出现更高的致病性。它与“英国Kent变种”相似,后者是目前在West Midland最流行的变种。因此,政府决定按计划实施解封步骤的第三阶段。


为了预防印度新冠变种病毒,50岁以上人士和临床脆弱人群将在8周,而不是12周后进行第二剂新冠疫苗的接种。您无需采取任何措施– NHS会与您联系。< 点击这里

IV: 40岁以下人士的疫苗接种

针对有关阿斯利康(Astra Zeneca)疫苗产生凝血的担忧,40岁以下人士将被接种辉瑞Pfizer或Moderna疫苗。

印度新冠变种病例在英国刚开始很少,但随着在社区内传播而不断增加。 据报道,在博尔顿Bolton地区住院的新冠病人中有很大一部分是符合新冠疫苗接种条件,但没有接种疫苗的人士。新冠疫苗虽不是强制接种,但如果有更多的人接种了疫苗,不仅会减少病毒传播的机会,而且即便被感染,也可以预防新冠病毒引起的重症疾病。






因印度变种病毒传播的担心,伯明翰的部分地区正在进行密集检测和追踪。 您可以通过以下的网址查询您的邮编,确认您是否需要做检测:




VII:伯明翰市政府– 新冠疫情问卷调查






100%的人士同意伯明翰华人社区中心实施新的措施和访客规定,以确保中心的办公场所可以让大家安全来访和使用。这些新的措施和规定需要我们每个人遵循,包括中心会员,服务使用者,访客,中心的职员和志愿者– 以保护自己和他人的健康安全。



  • 社区中心将于7月份开展一系列志愿者参与和培训活动,旨在支持更多热心的华人人士参与社区服务,带动和支持社区的共同发展;诚意邀请本区持普通话母语的人士加入中心的志愿者参与计划,成为社区志愿者网络中的热心成员之一,欢迎致电查询陈先生或者崔姑娘查询
  • 为庆祝6月6日开始的照料者服务周,社区中心将分别在两个公园里组织两次户外活动,期盼见到大家在公园小聚:
    Cannon Hill Park:6月9 日,星期三,上午11点至下午3点;Handsworth Park:6月10日,星期四,上午11点至下午3点
  • 从6月15日开始,社区中心将开始为期8周的周三俱乐部活动,由专业主持人带领的系列“艺术与健康”在线活动,内容包括艺术,创意制作,瑜伽等。 请关注中心的微信消息;详细信息将在近期发布。

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