The National Lottery & Wan Sheung Cultural Dance Team Anniversary 国家彩票和云裳舞蹈团周年庆典

Thanks to players of the National Lottery, more people in the Chinese community can join in our health & wellbeing activities!
Up until recently many of our activities were restricted to carers but our National Lottery Community Fund grant enables us to open our doors to anyone in the Chinese community who wants to improve their health or wellbeing.
To find out more, call our Chinese CAN project coordinator William Chen on 0121 685 8510.
之前,华人社区的许多活动还仅限于照料者。现今,在国家彩票社区基金的资助下,使我们能够向任何愿意参与康乐活动的个人敞开大门。欲了解更多信息,请致电中心0121 685 8510,联系人陈先生 William Chen 。
Last week our Chinese cultural dance group Wan Sheung marked their 10th anniversary. Made up entirely of enthusiastic amateurs who want to learn and share traditional dances with Chinese and non-Chinese audiences, Wan Sheung has grown in size and confidence over the last decade. They regularly perform at Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival and other events in Birmingham as well as other towns and cities across England.
If you are interested in learning Chinese traditional dance or would like to book a performance at a public or private event, call Chloe on 0121 685 8510
昨天是伯明翰华人社区云裳舞蹈团成立的十周年日子。云裳舞蹈团由热情的业余舞蹈爱好者和中心的义工组成,她们希望与来自不同文化和族群的观众分享中国的传统舞蹈。在过去十年里,云裳舞蹈团的规模逐渐壮大,也更具自信。如今,每当春节、中秋节和其他节庆活动中,她们会定期在伯明翰以及其他城市地区演出。如果您有兴趣学习中国舞蹈,或者想为公共或私人活动预订一场演出,欢迎致电中心0121 685 8510,联系人Chole 女士。

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