UK Settlement Series: Finding the Ideal Home – 英國定居講座:尋找理想家園

Next week Wednesday 30th part of the UK Settlement Series, there will be a talk on ‘Finding the Ideal Home’. With guest speaker Dennis Yau. The first thing that every newcomer to this country looks for is an ideal home. How to decide whether to buy or rent one? What makes an ideal home? How to maintain it? The UK experience may be very different from elsewhere and will vary across the four UK nations. You are cordially invited to join us to learn more about the property market here in Britain. Please call 0121 685 8510 to reserve your seat. Thank you!
嘉賓講者:Dennis Yau, CEO 英華地產及其團隊
所有新來英的人士,到埗前後的第一件事,自然是要尋找理想居所。是買是租,該如何抉擇?如何挑選合適的物業,如何維護保養等等,都和從前不大一樣。英國定居講座第三篇,我們請來 Dennis Yau 和他的團隊,為我們一一介紹。我們誠意邀請有興趣進一步了解英國物業概況的朋友參加,請致電本中心留座,
電話:0121 685 8510,謝謝!

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