Thanks to a grant from the National Lottery Fund, we can offer a new fitness programme which helps people get moving to music in order to prevent or reduce falls by improving core strength, balance and stability.

In a society where people are living longer, falls are more common. There are various causes, but taking part in our Moving Forward: Fit for All will help reduce your risk of falling, enabling you to maintain a healthy, independent life.

The programme will be delivered by Aesop who led a session at our Wellbeing Forum in 2022 – it was great fun with exercises to music that can be done standing or sitting. Suitable for men and women aged 50+.

Places are limited so please book in advance to avoid disappointment. To reserve your place, call CCC-B on 0121 685 8510.

Fee per session:

£3 – CCC-B Member / £2 – CCC-B Registered Carer Member / £5 – Non-member. First 2 sessions – free taster, fees charged from Session 3.

The Lottery grant covers Aesop tutor costs; participant fees contribute towards our administration costs

得益於國家彩票基金的資助,中心將開設一項新的健身活動 —— 跟隨音樂健身,通過提高身體力量,身體平衡性和穩定性來預防或減少跌倒。


此健身項目將由 Aesop 機構的導師來帶領。在2022年一次健康論壇中,Aesop 的導師曾帶領過大家體驗音樂健身練習。通過站立和坐姿來的音樂健身非常有趣,適合50歲及以上的人士。

名額有限,請提前預定,以免失望。如需預訂,請致電伯明翰華人社區中心 0121 685 8510


中心會員/3英鎊; 照料者(中心會員)/2英鎊; 非會員/5英鎊; 前兩次課為免費體驗課,第3堂課開始收費。

國家彩票的資助將用於支付 Aesop 導師的費用; 您的費用用於支付中心組織此活動的管理支出。